KUNAI - Zensei Boss Guide

KUNAI - Zensei Boss Guide
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The Zensei boss fight is more about platforming agility than combat skills. No need to focus on the enemy, just to get to the top of the mountain without falling too many times and taking too much damage.

Phase 1

After talking to Zensei’s physical body, you’ll be pushed down to the cloud below. Use your Kunai to climb up the wall, but be mindful of Zensei slamming into the wall and sticking spikes out to hit you. When Zensei does this, you won’t be able to use your Kunai on that section, so you want to get up as quick as possible.

When Zensei is about to attack, try jumping out wide to the left and using your Kunai up-right to still bring yourself up. Don’t jump too close to the wall as it will leave you vulnerable.

Get to the top and attack the physical body up the top until you’re thrown down again. The second time is the same, but Zensei will attack quicker and take out more grapple wall. There will also be less spots to use your Kunai on, so get up as soon as you can, otherwise there will be less wall to grapple onto.

For the third and fourth rounds, you’ll have clouds to work with rather than solely relying on the wall. Try not to rely on them too much as they disappear quickly, but they’re to use to gain some distance or if you need to gain more distance between yourself and Zensei.

Phase 2

Once you’ve attacked Zensei’s physical body three times, you’ll have another task ahead. With the second phase having Zensei shooting rockets out from both sides, no place is safe but up. Get hit once and that’s instant death, forcing you to start from the start of phase 1.

The idea here is to be as high up as possible at all times. Remember that you can Kunai up above what the screen shows, so always try to move upward, even if there appears to be no room to.

You’ll want to head up rightward at first but about halfway up, you’ll then want to change direction and head leftward. It may get close, but the right path has a lot of shiny blocks that you can’t grapple onto.

If you do try to grapple upward and you hit a shiny block, try to double jump and Kunai around the shiny blocks as you’d be surprised how far they can reach.

Once you get to the top, slash away at the physical body again victory will be yours.

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