Kunai Walkthrough Part 9 - Robopolis / Prison / Sky Fortress

Kunai Walkthrough Part 9 - Robopolis / Prison / Sky Fortress
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Metroidvania’s can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. Part 9 will help you through Robopolis and the Prison and the Sky Fortress in order to obtain the Power Orb. So,

Where is Robopolis?

To get to Robopolis, we’ll need to use our shiny new Rocket Launcher. Proceed to the Abandoned Subnet and and make for the bottom-left corner.

Fire a rocket on the boulders and proceed left out of the Abandoned Subnet and on to Robopolis.


Welcome to Robopolis, a city of robot civilisation! First, proceed leftward and save at the Save Point. Keep going until you find that you can either proceed up or down and for now, we want to go up.

From here, climb up to the top of the building and from there, double jump to the left and grapple onto the left wall. Proceed upward as far as you can and jump to the right across the platforms that are hung up by rope to the other side.

In the next room, head upward and jump onto the building. Then head through the left where there is a Wi-Fi Router and a Save Point.

Now go back and head up through the top-left exit. In this next room, jump onto the box crates and then jump up to the top-left exit.

Follow that pathway all the way up and to continue onward, head up and left. To get over the wide gap, we need to take a leap of faith and use the SMGs to jetpack over.

Head through and proceed up-left as shown below…

Continue leftward and you’ll see a chest. Walk up to it and you’re trapped!


You’re going to the slammer! And when you’re in the slammer, what’s the first thing you check? The toilet, of course! Olaf is hiding through there and this is the point where you just don’t ask questions. Especially when Olaf the pipe-exploring robot gives you the ability to dash.

With this, you can dash through the bars as shown below…

Save at the Save Point and you’ll soon realise that you don’t have any weapons or abilities aside from dash. So drop down, proceed to the right and dash through the right. From here, video games have programmed us to stay away from saws and sharp objects, but here, you’ll need to fall through them – you’ll take damage, you’ll still get through.

As you fall down, you’ll land in a room that appears to have you trapped. However, this game has taught us that there are always hidden exits and this one is in the bottom-left corner.

Continue to dash through bars and continue onwards to a wide open room. Here, jump onto the mound in the middle of the room and double jump to the right in to vines.

Now jump to the left and dash leftward until you land on the floating platform. Now jump to the top-left exit and proceed onward.

Follow this linear path upward and all the way until you drop down into a room with a chest that has all of your stuff in it. And it’s at this point that you’ll feel the most powerful in the game getting all your stuff back.

Use your Shuriken on the button to open the door, save at the Save Point and head up the top-left exit to proceed onward. This Shieldbot that’s here can only be attacked from behind, which is easier said than done sometimes, but one rocket to the back is a surefire way to take it out quickly.

Dash through the bars and continue onwards through the linear path until it gets to the fork in the road where you’ll want to go up and right (unless you want a cool hat, in which case go left first).

The rest of the Prison is strictly linear until you…

Return to Robopolis

Now that we’re back out and can taste freedom once more, we want to head back to exactly the same spot where we were captured before. We’ll do this because we can now dash through the bars to the left.

It is hear that we have the boss fight with Popo.

Once you get through the Popo Boss Fight, you’ll proceed onward to…

Sky Fortress

When you land, continue leftward until you get to the Save Point. Doing so will get you to this screen on the map…

This section provides a puzzle in and of itself. There are five doors to open, so let’s start with…


Head to the left, ride the air upward and proceed left.

Keep following this path and throw a Shuriken at the button on the left wall.

This will activate a fan below you, allowing you to be propelled upward. Use this air to ride up to the middle fan, where you’ll want to get to the top-left platform in order to activate this button with a Shuriken.

This button activates the top fan, so you’ll now want to make to the right and use the top fan to be propelled to the platform shown below. Follow this path and flic the switch.


Head back to the Save Point and proceed upright.

Follow this incredibly linear path, using your Kunai when you need to, until you make upward and are presented with above or below options.

Take the downward path and use your dash with the fans to get to the end. Here, throw a Shuriken at the button, opening the door above. Follow this linear path and fall down into the big room, where you’ll be facing off against a new enemy which I shall call Dragonbot.

Throw a Shuriken at the button on the right wall of this room, but don’t go down the entryway below that this just opened. Instead, head up-left and follow this path to reach a switch.


Back from the Save Point, the fan in the top-left had been deactivated and you can now move up there.

Up from here, move to the left a little so that you’re just left of the girder in the background.

Use your Rocket Launcher downward, propelling yourself in the air and double jump to get up to the fan.

Jump upward to the fan and break the blocks between the two portrait pillars.

From here, continually strike and jump upward so that you come up and out on top.

Use your Kunai on the wall to the left and then jump atop the moving fan.

Proceed upward from the right and then to the left, allowing you to jump on a fan here. Dash to the right and use your Kunai on the small chequered block above.

Get to the fan and make your way up to the platform. You can use the chequered block with your Kunai to swing upward, but it’s so much easier to use your Rocket Launcher downward to get up to the platform above to activate the switch.


Back in the main room where we had started to get the third switch, proceed rightward. Follow this path, balancing on the air and using your Kunai, until you get to here…

Use your Rocket Launcher downward and ride the airway upward. Fall and dash to the right so that you can get to a little crevice with a button in it.

Activate it and jump to the left to get to the airwave that you were previously hovering on. Proceed up left and in this room, carefully use your Kunai to proceed across this next room littered with electrical currents. Get to the end of this room and proceed downward to flick a switch.


Back in the big room to get the the third and fourth switch, we turn left to get to the fifth door. Head to the section of the map as shown below…

Where the path splits, go upward and throw a Shuriken at the button above.

After this, go downward and you’ll enter a room with a bunch of enemies, including a new enemy that is similar to the Samuraibots but they fly. Don’t be afraid to use the Rocket Launcher as much as you can as it does a LOT of damage and can take out a bunch of enemies at once.

Flick the switch and head back to the Save Point.

And with that, head back down to the Save Point. Proceed left to the Reactor Room where we’ll have a second fight with Captain Koek. He thinks that he has the upper hand here, but we’re not here for a fight, rather we are here take the Orb which will bring down the Sky Fortress.

Where to now?

Now that we have the Orb, we want to head back to the Haunted Factory.

Now that we’ve made our way back, we want to go back to where the E27 ship is.

It is here where we will be able to place the Orb and be rocketed into space.

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