KUNAI Walkthrough Part 5 - Shuriken Shrine

KUNAI Walkthrough Part 5 - Shuriken Shrine
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Metroidvania’s can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. Part 5 will help you through the Shuriken Shrine.

Once you enter the Shuriken Shrine, continue on your merry way to the right until you fall down the invisible pit. Head to the right and one screen and what’s that? The Shuriken!

That was easy… but now we need to get out of here.

Use the Shuriken on the button in the dip to the right and that will open up the blocked path.

In the next room, the button is on the ceiling, so throw one up there at it to move onward. Now do the same in this room to the button next to the spikes and the block will move leftward, allowing you to use your Kunai on its left side so that you can get up to the top. Use your Shuriken on the button up here; this will open up the bottom-right exit way for you to carry on.

In here, throw a Shuriken upward at the button on the ceiling revealing the button to the right which you’ll also need to throw a Shuriken at. Now get the button on the left, allowing you to make your way upward. To open up the exit to the left, throw another Shuriken at the button on the ceiling.

In the next room, ignore the button on the ceiling for now. Instead, jump down and take out all of the enemies. Then go back to the button, throw a Shuriken at the button and quickly run to the left on the raised platform. as soon as the left wall comes into view, jump towards it because the platform will soon drop down. Remember, you can double jump now, so you should be able to make it after an attempt or two.

In the next room, there is a Shuriken that will shoot automatically at the button embedding in the wall above. As soon as the platform opens, quickly double jump up as you’ll want to get up quickly to avoid being squashed. After that, you’ll be here…

From here, proceed to the right as left is currently a dead-end. Take out the Big Sword Robot and keep going until you get to the Save Point. Continue rightward and use the Shuriken on the button to open up the ground below. Laugh at the robot’s great Yu-Gi-Oh reference and carry on. Take out the next Big Sword Robot and due to the tight space, note that you can use the Shuriken on enemies to momentarily stun them.

As you continue upward and get to the room that has moving block on the ceiling, be sure to use your Kunai on the gaps and not the shiny moving blocks.

Continue along the linear pathway, take out the Bee, and get to this point on the map…

Head to the next room, jump over the first spikes but don’t use the Kunai on the ceiling as you may hit the spikes on the wall… like I did. In the next room, go down the left pathway from platform-to-platform. When you get to the bottom, proceed to the left and duke it out with the two Bees. Head through the top-left exit and in this next room, drop down at the right time in order to land on the platform when it’s above the spikes. Before it moves down, run leftward and double jump in order to make it to the other side.

Head up, down and up again through this room to the next. Here, head left and flip the switch.

Head back the room pictured below and go through the top-right exit…

From here follow the linear pathway upward and around exactly like we did last time, taking the left way in the fork going downward. When you drop down and are facing the Big Sword Robot, defeat him again, go to the next room to the left and fall to the bottom left where the entrance here is now open (bottom right is a Save Point, FYI).

Two rooms in and you’ll be in another room where the bottom platform goes up and down, allowing you to momentarily avoid the spikes. Take each gap in the ceiling one at a time, using your Kunai to hook onto the ceiling and hang there until the platform comes back.

The next room is quite self-explanatory as the shiny blocks move from right to left along the spikes. Simply jump on when they appear and keep the same pace until you get to the left side of the room.

From the next room, head up and as the path forks here, head upward for now. Walk to the right, wait for the block to provide you with an opening and quickly run through, leaving you here on the map…

Now when the tall moving block makes its way downward, you’ll want to go through that opening, using your Kunai on the ceiling over the spikes in order to reach and flick the switch.

Go back down and rightward, all the way back to where we came from with the fork that had the Save Point to the right. Head up and right back to the Big Sword Robot, up again to the fork and now, we can go down the right side to the newly opened door.

In here is another switch to flick, as well as a chest containing some gems.

Once we’ve done that, we want to go all the back to the bottom-left side of the Shuriken Shrine, to where we went right instead of left to flick the switch that opened up the rightward fork door we just came from. Perhaps this map screenshot will make more sense…

Use your Kunai to swing over the spikes, up the lefthand wall and across the ceiling in order to land safely on the platform with the boxes. Make your way up, follow the path and at the end, chuck a Shuriken at the button on the wall.

You’ll see what this does as the platform blocking the pathway on the other side of the wall will retract. Retrace your steps by a couple screens until you get to the crossroads where you can either go down or jump over that gap and go upward. Do the latter and go upward, wait for the pillar once again so you can walk through and make your way upward because you now can.

Follow the path to the left, save at the Save Point and continue leftward. When you get to the room with the short spiky pillar that is casting a lot of light, head up the left opening.

In this next room, fall all of the way to the bottom and left to the room with yet another Save Point. Go left and drop down the gap in this room to face off against the boss.

Once you’ve defeated The Guardian, open the chest and jump onto the bottom middle platform and throw a Shuriken at the contraption to go back up.

When you get back up, head leftward until you get outside and use a Shuriken on the button on the ceiling to taste sweet freedom once more.

Now that you’re out of the Shuriken Shrine and back in the Artificial Desert, head to this part of the map where you can use your new and shiny Shuriken to open the blocked door for a shortcut.

Return back to the Resistance Camp located to the far-left of the Artificial Desert and interact with the Wi-Fi Router to upgrade your abilities. Once you’ve done that, speak to the Chief who is located on the ground floor to the far left and then throw a Shuriken at the button on the ceiling to open the door which will lead on to the Abandoned Subnet.

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