KUNAI Walkthrough Part 3 - Airship (Battlecruiser Y4R)

KUNAI Walkthrough Part 3 - Airship (Battlecruiser Y4R)
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Metroidvania’s can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. Part 3 will help you through the Airship, or it’s real name, the Battlecruiser Y4R.


For the first segment of the Airship, I don’t think that I need to say too much on it. If you’ve ever played Super Mario Bros. 3, please proceed to the next paragraph; if you haven’t… go play Super Mario Bros. 3, but not until you finish Kunai.

So simply move rightward along a linear path and when you get to sections that have a wide gap, use your kunai on the chequered blocks having over the ceiling and give yourself enough momentum to swing across.

Through to the next room, slash at the cracked blocks that stand piled in your way. Remember to slash downward at those below you and don’t try to put too much focus on enemies as that’ll just slow you down.

When you get to the door, a short cutscene will start and you’ll be past this initial autoscroll section. Go down the gap that you’ll instantly come across and follow that linear path. The only thing throughout that path to touch upon is the gun turret that’ll rapidly shoot at you. To combat this, wildly slash at the bullets to send them straight back at it and BOOM! very satisfying.

Head down, proceed to the right and swing across the electric currents below by swinging like Spiderman. Continue along this linear path until you get to the switch at the end. Flip it and head back to where we initially turned right instead of speaking to the lone robot.

Ignore that robot once again and proceed through that newly opened door to the left. Follow this particularly linear path until you get to the Save Point. Drop down to the right and follow that path until you drop down and are shot at by a gun turret. Take it out in the same way as last time and proceed to the right in order to flip the switch.

Head to the left where the robot is standing next to a box and head upward by grappling side-by-side. The Save Point up here is one that you must use as you’ll find the next section to be quite difficult.

Proceed along this linear path that requires some more precise platforming that what has occurred so far. The main piece of advice is to be sure to gather momentum when swinging with the kunai. If you don’t think you’re going to have enough momentum before you let go, simply swing back and forth until you feel ready to let go. And when you get to as far left as you can, flip the switch.

Once you’ve done that, proceed to the right through some more trick platforming sections and make your way to the lower Save Point that’s shown on the map above. Then head to the right and continue on that path without sidetracking until you get to the end where you’ll have another Switch waiting.

Now that we’ve done this, head back to the crossroad where we came from where the robot was next to the box. Head one frame right and then upward, up the very long vertical passageway by using your kunai left-to-right.

Save at the Save Point and make your way back to the section where the robot that we will continue to ignore is and make your way through the newly opened bottom-right opening as pictured below.

Head through, drop down and make your way to the left to another Save Point (they’re always handy). Head to the right as far as possible and another autoscrolling segment will happen. With the same advice as before, head through this linear segment as quickly as you can until you reach…

Captain Koek

Hit him once. Part 3 done. Print it, wrap it, ship it and send my cheque in the mail… actually don’t send a cheque, this isn’t 1996.

After a brief cutscene, we’ll land back down on the ground where we will cover the Artificial Desert in Part 4.

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