KUNAI Walkthrough Part 10 - Space

KUNAI Walkthrough Part 10 - Space
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Metroidvania’s can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. Part 10 will help you through Space and how to get to the game’s final boss.

Lost in Space

Upon landing, save at the Save Point. Then move to the right until you get to a Wi-Fi Router, where the screen will begin glitching out.

Load up the Wi-Fi Router tabOS and you’ll see a new free upgrade – ‘Wake Up!’. Select it and when it begins installing, you’ll glitch out even more.

You’ll appear to be teleported to the same room as where we had started that game and you’ll be speaking with a human scientist. Make for the door to the right and it will close on you.

Search around and in the end, get up really close to the scientist and attack. She’ll disappear, but you’ll be able to escape the room.

Head to the right, down and left so that you’ll be in a room that will trap you in. After some dialogue, take out the enemies and move onward to the left.

Continue leftward as far as you can go to reach the robot here. Wait for a few seconds and it’ll begin glitching out. Defeat the enemies that appear and then a black glitching blur will appear.

After a bit of dialogue, the screen will go pale and you’ll be tasked with defeating all of the enemies and then attacking the blur. This will continue in this loop, growing increasingly difficult. The further you get, the more of the real space world will appear.

Also remember that your Katana will restore your health when you defeat enemies, so try not to rely too much on the Rocket Launcher. If you die, you’ll simply go to the start of the part that you were in, so don’t stress too much.

When you get back to the real world, you’ll be able to jump downward to the left. Here, is the game’s final boss.

After you take out Lemonkus, you will have defeated the final boss! Enjoy the closing scenes and the credits – congratulations!

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