KUNAI Walkthrough Part 1 - Fallen City / Haunted Factory

KUNAI Walkthrough Part 1 - Fallen City / Haunted Factory
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Metroidvania’s can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. Part 1 will help you through the Fallen City and the Haunted Factory.

Where it all begins, break out of the chamber and make your way to the far right to get to your first save point.

Now go back out to the left and press down+B to fall through the platform. Proceed left and where the boxes are blocking your way, we’ll want to go up first. Go left to the boulders that you won’t be going through for a LONG time, drop down and grab the Katana in the bottom-left room.

Now that we have a weapon, we can slice through the stacks of boxes. Keep making your way to the right until you enter…

Fallen City

Drop down, head to the far right and fall down the gap below.

Make left, activate the save point, continue and drop down the pit. Proceed right and keep following the linear path until you are outside again. Keep going right and you’ll reach…

Haunted Factory

Your options are still quite limited without the kunai, so simply follow the path to the right and continue along the path. When you drop down to a point where you can drop down or go right where the struggling robot is, go right. Drop down from the ledge and interact with the computer terminal to get our first kunai.

This is where the fun begins! Use your kunai to grapple on the right wall and proceed to the top. Follow the linear path and you’ll find the second kunai (that’s it, that’s all you get. Don’t be greedy!).

Now you’re basically Spiderman. Head up and over to the left and climb up the vertical tunnel, alternating between your left and right kunai. Keep going as high up as you can and make your way back to where we started.

Proceed rightward and when you get to the room that opens up, use your kunai to proceed upward to the top-left exit. Keep following this path until you arrive at the save point and go up again. At the crossroads, take a left and here, you’ll find your first boss fight.

Upon defeating The Garbage Collector, We can now make our way back to where we started and out again to…

Fallen City (pt. 2)

Now that you have the kunai, grapple onto the floating platform with the lone robot as soon as you get back out.

Jump up-left again and speak to the robot there. He’ll be astonished that you managed to find the kunai and suggests that you make your way to the Quantum Forest… which we will. Go through the door to the left and follow the linear path up and leftward until you find Earl and his Wi-Fi router.

When interacting with the router, you’ll be able to purchase upgrades. Do what you need to do here and proceed to part 2 of this walkthrough.

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