KUNAI - Popo Boss Guide

KUNAI - Popo Boss Guide
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Let’s face it, boss battles can be difficult and KUNAI’s Popo certainly packs a punch. Here’s a little strategy to help you get through.

First thing to note with the Popo boss fight is that you will take a lot of damage if you fell to the bottom and started running on the bottom, even though it’s a flat plane.

The aim of this boss fight is to Jim from floating car to floating car. You do not need to attack Popo the robot, so no need to turn around and attack it. Simply focus on staying alive.

You’ll see Popo shoot cannonballs out which if you pay attention to its trajectory, you’ll be able to determine which floating car it will blow up.

You’ll also notice Gunnerbots will spawn a few times and if you can manage to jump above them, shooting a rocket downward at them to take them all out at once.

Remember to use your dash ability when you need to. You may find that when you jump, you’re slightly short, but the dash ability certainly helps to combat the inertia that this fight presents.

Just to reiterate, simply keep jumping and don’t waste time on attempting to attack Popo. There is an end to this fight, just keep platforming.

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