KUNAI - Lemonkus Boss Guide

KUNAI - Lemonkus Boss Guide
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Let’s face it, boss battles can be difficult and KUNAI final boss Lemonkus certainly packs a punch. Here’s a little strategy to help you get through.

Phase 1

To initiate maximum damage, you’ll want to shoot rockets upward with your Rocket Launcher and hit Lemonkus from underneath. Lemonkus also has a devastating swoop attack which will hit you if you’re in the middle or opposite side of the screen, so staying underneath Lemonkus is always going to be your best bet.

That is, however, until it uses its laser attack. When this happens, move out to the middle a little bit and time your dash through the laser as it comes back and forth.

As these attacks get quicker and quicker the more damage you deal to Lemonkus, remaining underneath isn’t always possible. So when this is the case, you primarily just want to avoid being in the middle of the screen as it is easier to jump up and over the boss when you have the space to do so.

After dealing some more damage, Lemonkus will start throwing its scythe directly at you. When this happens, try to create as much distance between you and Lemonkus as possible. When the boss throws its scythe do your best to avoid it, run up to it and press the Up button to take it for yourself.

Phase 2

In the second phase, Lemonkus will primarily focus on attacking you from a distance by the use of other means.

First, lava pillars. Be sure to keep moving so that you don’t get caught in the pillars. The pillars will always aim where you are, so if you keep moving, you’ll be able to avoid them.

If you find yourself caught in between two pillars, you can dash through them, which I can guarantee that you will need to do.

Lemonkus will then arise from the lava and attack with a beam of energy. The first attack will start from the left and spin in an anti-clockwise direction, only to continuously alternate each time. You can dash through these to avoid taking damage and when you know you’re safe, you can hit it with YOUR scythe.

After a few whacks, Lemonkus will go down and you have just defeated the final boss! Enjoy the closing scenes and the credits – congratulations!

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