Kunai - Church of Skebin Race Guide

Kunai - Church of Skebin Race Guide
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The Church of Skebin race isn’t easy and in fact, I found it to be one of the most difficult challenges in Kunai. But I managed to do it and I thought I’d share just how I managed to do that.

First thing’s first, you NEED to have obtained the ability to dash. So if you don’t have that yet, continue with the main story until you do.

When you drop down to start the race, you’ll want to have your SMGs equipped. Jump over (but not too high) and shoot downward in order to simply glide over the robots and to the other side.

Drop down and aim to dash through the bars. If your reflexes let you down and you fall to the bottom, shoot down with the rocket to propel yourself upward.

Drop down and dash to the left (every millisecond counts).

Jump over the slippery blocks and fall down the first exit below.

First thing you want to do is shoot a rocket at the cracked blocks. Keep moving rightward and use your katana to slice through until the rocket reloads.

When the rocket does reload, shoot it to destroy the rest.

Jump up and over the first hurdle.

For the second hurdle, you can run straight through it!

For the final run, use your Kunai rapidly left and right (don’t use slingshot, takes too long) and hopefully you’ve done it quick enough to reach the finish line in time.

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