Kickstarter Project of the Week: Unbound: Worlds Apart

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For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at Alien Pixel’s Unbound: Worlds Apart. The game is slated to release in May 2020. Here’s the rundown:

Unbound: Worlds Apart is an atmospheric hand-crafted platformer, sprinkled with mind-bending multi-dimensional puzzles!
Explore beautiful, hand-crafted worlds. Solve puzzles by summoning magical portals. Beware monsters and traps and outsmart them all using the wisdom of your ancestors and the power of your portals! 
Unbound is a single player journey that will take you from the most amazing and serene landscapes to the horrific world of evil and despair. This atmospheric platformer will challenge you with puzzles every step of the way.  Soli has the power to conjure magical portals that connect various worlds and interact with the unique physical properties of each contrasting dimension. 
Unbound: Worlds Apart is a creative multi-dimensional puzzle-platformer. Using his unique powers, Soli can conjure portals to alternate dimensions, where the laws of physics are unlike our own and where time, space and gravity work in unexpected ways.

Unbound: Worlds Apart is scheduled for release on PC in May 2020. When asked about a potential Nintendo Switch Version, the developers responded saying:

We would love to port Unbound to consoles! If the game goes well on Kickstarter, then we will look for any possible options to bring Unbound on consoles. For the moment we are focusing on making and finishing a good game.

The project currently requires $25,000 and is currently sitting at $16,286 with 17 days remaining.

Click here to check out their Kickstarter page for much more on Unbound: Worlds Apart and perhaps consider chucking a few $ their way.