Kickstarter Project of the Week: Tunche

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Tunche
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For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at Leap Game Studios’ Tunche. This game is a “charming, hand-drawn return of 2D beat’em up genre – mixed with roguelike elements, 4-player co-op and a dash of shaman witchcraft.”

Check out the trailer…

Tunche is scheduled to release in Q4 2019 on PC and consoles (which of course means Nintendo Switch). The project requires $35,000 and is currently sitting at $17,356 with 17 days remaining.

Click here to check out there Kickstarter page that has a tonne of concept art on there for you to see, and perhaps consider chucking a few $ their way.


Does Tunche interest you? Or is it a hard pass? Let us know in the Comments section below.