Kickstarter Project of the Week: Simple Sandwich

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Simple Sandwich
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For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at FellowHumans’ Simple Sandwich. The game is slated to release in May 2020 on PC and is currently awaiting approval to sell on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Here’s the rundown:

In Simple Sandwich up to 4 players take control of a animated slice of bread and use their sandwich toothpick to jump on ingredients (like a slice of lettuce, tomato, burger, etc) that wander around the counter! Players can collect these ingredients to build up their sandwich, earning points to win the round. Players compete to not only get a lot of ingredients, but to build wacky and huge sandwiches!

Sandwich making is the core of Simple Sandwich. Earlier, we mentioned how you can acquire ingredients for your sandwich by jumping on them. There are also pieces of bread roaming the counter that players need to jump on in order to complete their sandwiches! Once your sandwich is completed, you’ll see a prompt telling you to fill your order by taking your sandwich to the plate located on one of the sides of the counter. When you get on the plate, your sandwich burns down and gives you points. Just like that, you’re ready to make your next sandwich!

AI controlled Monster sandwiches can be created through special recipes that are considered unwanted or gross (think of something like a mayo and jam sandwich!).These monster sandwiches attack enemy players stealing their most recently acquired ingredients. They can be used as a distraction to occupy other players or as a measure of self defense. Watch out for those nasty sandwiches roaming the kitchen!  

Game modes in Simple Sandwich offer different goals for each game;

Free-For-All is the default game mode in which every player competes against one another to gain the most points and create the most insane sandwiches in short rounds.

Toast-Time players must first cook the ingredients that they wish to turn-in by staying on sizzling pans on a hot stove until their current ingredient is cooked. Make sure not to burn and ruin your sandwich!

Order-Up allows players to complete food orders in a restaurant as fast as possible, only the first player to complete an order gets rewarded! The player that completes the most recipes in the time allotted wins!

Team-Fight pins two teams of 2 against each other, sharing points, and competing to create the best sandwiches!

We hope to incorporate and create a ton of engaging game modes for Simple Sandwich, but only with your support! 

In regards to the approval of Simple Sandwich coming to Switch, FellowHumans had this to say:

*Disclaimer – We are currently awaiting approval for Simple Sandwich to be sold on the Nintendo Switch E-shop. Until we receive any further updates on our approval, all game keys rewarded will be for the Steam platform. If we are approved, you will be notified in Updates and information about choosing key type and quantity will be sent to backers. We are as excited as you are to get our hands on a Switch copy of Simple Sandwich and will keep you informed on all progress in this regards! Box art is a concept and may not reflect the game being available on the Nintendo Switch unless notified.

Simple Sandwich requires $10,000USD and is currently sitting at $852USD after 25 backers with 25 days remaining.