For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be providing an update for One Step From Eden. This game is a deckbuilding action roguelike, which is definitely as bizarre (yet intruiging) as it sounds!

Here’s their description:

Cast powerful spells on the fly, battle evolving enemies, collect game-changing artifacts, make friends or make enemies. Make it one step from Eden, the last shining beacon of hope in a bleak post-war world. Fight alone (or with a friend in co-op) and lead your character down a path of mercy or destruction.

The project required $15,000 to be successfully funded and it is currently on $43,918 from 1402 backers with 13 days to go. Whilst this does mean that the game is already successfully funded, there is still a Switch stretch goal for it to reach at $60,000.

Click here to check out there Kickstarter page that still has a tonne of concept art on there for you to see, and perhaps consider chucking a few $ their way.

Does One Step From Eden interest you? Or is it a hard pass? Let us know in the Comments section below.