Kickstarter Project of the Week: Nintendo 64 Wireless Controller

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Nintendo 64 Wireless Controller
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For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we won’t be looking at a game, rather we will be looking at Retro Fighter’s Nintendo 64 Wireless Controller, a brand new wireless controller for the Nintendo 64 console. These controllers are looking to start mass production this month, finish production in November and ship in December by Christmas this year.

Here’s the overview:

We are happy to announce our NEW wireless edition of the Brawler64 N64 Controller! We have spent over 12 months in software development & testing on the wireless edition and are excited to release the Next Generation Wireless Brawler64 controller!

3 years ago we launched and successfully fulfilled our Next Generation N64 wired controller through Kickstarter. We have been more than humbled and grateful for all the support we have received through the retro gaming community!

The Brawler64 Wireless Edition comes with updated features and designs. Now featuring 2.4Ghz wireless technology and a built-in rechargeable battery. The NEW Brawler64 Wireless Edition has a wireless range of 30+ feet and battery life of 10+ hours.

The controller now showcases wireless 2.4 Ghz technology. There are also other new features with the Brawler64 Wireless Edition. The same great ergonomic shape and design is still there, but now there are some subtle changes. 

We have updated the “Z” triggers after much feedback from the gaming community. The triggers will have a different feel to them and will have a more original “digital” press versus an “analog” pull. 

The Brawler64 is compatible with 1st party memory paks and most 3rd party memory paks. Due to the wireless technology, the memory paks are loaded into the included wireless dongle and are not inserted into the controller itself. Also, because of this, rumble and transfer paks are not compatible with the Brawler64 Wireless Edition.

We are releasing limited edition colors, and Kickstarter backers will get the first batch of colors. These colors are very limited, once we sell out of them they will be gone, as is the case with the many retired colors of the Brawler64 wired.

How. Cool. Is. THIS?! So many of us Nintendo fans have fond memories of sitting around a TV playing Goldeneye 007 or Mario Kart 64 with friends and family. Retro Fighters understand this nostalgia and understand what the limitations and frustrations were with the classic alien-esque designed Nintendo 64 controls and modernised them for us modern gamers. Also, no more cables! We don’t want that anymore! It’s all about the modern sleek look. Lastly, the modern analogue joystick won’t tear up your palms in Mario Party… as much.

These controllers required US$20,000 and it is currently sitting at US$88.863 after 1,341 backers with 19 days remaining. For backing on Kickstarter before the officially release of the Nintendo 64 Wireless Controller, you’ll save over 25%, grab a couple limited edition colours, you’ll get priority orders, as well as updates on its production. If you’d like to support the development of this game to help it come to Nintendo Switch, click the link below to visit the Kickstarter page.

Thank you to our $5 and up Patreon Backers for their ongoing support: