Kickstarter Project of the Week: Lone Fungus

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Lone Fungus
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For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at Basti's Lone Fungus. The game is slated to release in October 2021 on Windows PC (via Steam) but in regards to a Nintendo Switch port, Basti had this to say:

With this Kickstarter : No.

But there are plans to get this game on Switch once the PC version is finished, so backing this project you definitively aid in that pursuit. With that said, it's not set in stone or garantued but keep in mind i'm just one guy and i'll do everything to get this game on multiple platforms in the future!

Here's the overview:

Lone Fungus is very much a platforming focused Metroidvania, probably more than most other ones.

In the beginning my main inspiration for this game was Hollow Knight, but I wanted to expand the sword pogo-mechanic and generally feature more platforming based gameplay. Several people did call my game Hollow Knight + Celeste, at the time I hadn't played Celeste yet, but I got it a short while after and ended up loving it!

I embraced the similarities and got further inspired by that game. I do believe my game brings some new mechanics though, one of these are the mushmovers. These are magical objects placed all over the world which are used for traversal and platforming. They come in various varieties and give the platforming a blend of striking with your sword at the right time and controlling your momentum!

The protagonist Greencap has many movement based abilities other than spells too, he can dash forward and up and also has a spinning jump. He can also bounce off surfaces with his sword and accelerate at very high speeds if you combine it with your dash!

Greencap also has a crouching super-jump and a meteor-strike. All this combined with the mushmovers and spells does make the movement tech in this game quite deep and adds something interesting for people who enjoy complex mechanics. For people who enjoy a more casual or exploration/story based experience, do not worry! There is an assist mode and more on it below.


  • Explore 13 unique areas in a handcrafted world set in a world built by ancient mushrooms.
  • Fast and responsive combat, play as an acrobatic mushroom!
  • A spell-system based on how you strike spells with your sword, giving spells multiple uses and a creative approach to combat.
  • 60+ relics and 15+ unlockable abilities!
  • Unique and challenging platforming gameplay reminiscent of modern platformers such as Celeste but set in a fully open world.
  • True Metroidvania progression, this game is all about progressing using new abilities and spells.
  • Uncover clues to what happened to the different mushroom cultures and uncover many secrets.
  • Play the game how you want! Pick between four difficulty modes or use the accessible Assist Mode!

This game requires SEK 250,000 and it is currently sitting at SEK 50,771.71 after 177 backers with 23 days still remaining. To help show support, click the link below to visit the Kickstarter page.

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