ITTA Announced for Nintendo Switch

ITTA Announced for Nintendo Switch
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We love to keep our eyes peeled for great hidden indie games that come to Switch and ITTA looks to be just that. Developed by Glass Revolver and published by Armor Games, ITTA is a bullet-hell dungeon crawler with a crisp pixel art style and smooth animations. Here’s the overview:

Horror and Wonder in Equal Measure
From a windy sky garden to an overgrown, mysterious garden, the world Itta finds herself lost in is beautiful, but deadly. Learn the truth behind this surreal realm, brought to life with a striking pixel-art aesthetic and haunting soundtrack, and encounter otherworldly beings with their own agenda. While not a narrative-focused game, ITTA is inspired by themes of personal struggle, and seeks to present a haunting bullet-hell experience like no other.

Survive, No Matter What
Although she begins with only a revolver, as Itta explores, she can unlock a new arsenal of weapons that play in different ways. Detonate bombs to shower the battlefield with projectiles, or aim for the slower but more potent firepower of the cannon, to name a few. Whatever you choose, you’ll need to learn when to dodge and when to strike back if Itta is to stand a chance of surviving against 18 different, disturbing bosses. But no matter what happens, Itta must keep going. And so must you.

ITTA has a tentative 2020 release date, but we’ll be sure to follow this one very closely.

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