HyperParasite: The Ancient Warrior Boss Guide

HyperParasite: The Ancient Warrior Boss Guide
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Just like with any roguelite, much of its boss fights will depend highly on your preparation, as is with HyperParasite. However, much like The Ancient Warrior, the boss will have certain tells that help to make your stay in their domain just that little bit more convenient.

In this fight, your two targets are those holding the lasers and walking around the circumference of the circle arena. However, you can only attack them when the laser is white and you can even walk through the laser when it is this colour. As soon as the laser turns orange, that’s when you won’t be able to attack them and you’ll be hurt by the laser if you’re hit.

Try to go for one laser holder at a time, completely taking out one before starting on the other. You’ll want to do this so that you’ll have more space to move around with half of the laser gone. However, as the lasers will switch between moving clockwise and anti-clockwise, you don’t want to put yourself in a dangerous position just to go for the same laser holder; it’s not worth the risk.

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After a couple minutes, The Ancient Warrior in the middle will start attacking with its lance. You’ll notice where and when he’s about to do this by the red circle charging up (try not to confuse it with the other red charging circle that the body slammers use – rule of thumb: avoid all red circles). The other tell that The Ancient Warrior is about to attack is that he’ll spin his lance above his head before striking down.

The further you whittle down the laser holders’ health bars, the more lances and debris will get thrown your way. From here, it’s a matter of staying alive, taking out the enemies that you cannot take over if your host body is destroyed and sheer determination!

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