HyperParasite: 6 Tips & Tricks to Take Over the World

HyperParasite: 6 Tips & Tricks to Take Over the World
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This game can be tough at times, so we thought we’d provide some HyperParasite tips and tricks that we’ve learnt from our time with the game. So let’s take over the world, one host body at a time!

Interrupt Enemy Attacks When They’re Flashing

Enemies flash as they are just about to attack, but if you hit first, then that will interrupt the attack and you’ll be able to take them out easier. Be mindful, however, if you’re in a melee attacking host body as getting up close can put you at at risk. Hiding behind an object to disrupt their line of sight to you is another way to interrupt their attack (but it’s less fun). Also, if they’re an elite body (you’ll know by the red circle around them), you cannot interrupt their attacks, so dodge and keep your distance when they start to flash.

Parasite. Need. Brains!

Whilst starting out, focus on collecting as many brains and paying them off as possible. This unlocks host bodies and the more you unlock, the easier Acts and boss battles will become if you can quickly jump from one host enemy to the next.


Attack every single barrel, crate, etc. in every single room as many of them will contain money for you to unlock those host bodies. They may also contain health or upgrades/items, which would mean you won’t have to use your hard earned money on buying items as much.

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Try Exploring Paths Less Travelled

If you’re gearing up for one long playthrough, try to go through other side areas as much as possible (e.g. buying the Sewer Key and entering it). Doing so will give you more time to upgrade your abilities, laying the groundwork for when it becomes more challenging.

Familiarise Yourself With All Host Bodies

Experiment with each host body. You’ll need to become familiar with each fighter as when you’re in a boss fight and you’re scrambling around as a defenceless little parasite and attacks are coming from all different angles, you won’t have much time to be picky about who you take control of.

Check Every Room

Make sure you check your map for any missed rooms and upgrades before entering a boss fight. When you’re just about to head into that room sporting a skull on its doors, perhaps take a quick second to bring up your map and see if there are any upgrade or item indicators. Fast travelling is super easy in this game, so it’ll only take a second to teleport there, boost yourself and head back. It could be the difference between winning and losing.

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