How to Farm Gold Chips (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

How to Farm Gold Chips (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
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Featured with permission by studioleaks

stack this item at your own risk, it can ruin the game, Pyra dmg skyrocket to 700+, it will also give every blade you equip this too 50% more item drops rate

first, you need to be level 50-55, and its highly recommendable to have pentagon chips on Dromach since it has 1% chance to kill this monster with one shot, which basically happens all the time for me, this is how you get pantagon chip if you dont own one

on to gold chips, you need to fast travel to Argentian Garrison on Temperantia, then go south for 10 seconds and you will find one flying dragon called Zeoth Serprond, its level 62, you will want to carefully approach it while the other monsters giving you their back, it can be tricky..and lure it to the big rock away from the ocean, he takes much longer than other monsters to be lured, he moves very slowly but he will make it, do not be inpaitent and fight it if he isnt all the way by the rock or the other monsters will get involved, once he drops the item and you equip it it will become much easier, once you equip it on three people its easy

i have 400 luck on rex and he drops me this weapon once every 3 fights on avg

Edit: also he drops an item that boosts exp by 50%

happy hunting!