How to Farm Core Crystals Quickly (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

How to Farm Core Crystals Quickly (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
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“Featured with permission by Dronelisk”

Credit goes to u/Treholt for discovering this method.

Requires you to reach Chapter 4, if you have not reached this far, please stop reading as there might be spoilers.

  1. Reach Empire of Mor Adain, Anangham #2 Dock
  3. Unengage any blade that has Salvage Mastery Field Skill
  4. Go to the dock salvage point
  5. FAIL MISERABLY at the QTE, although the results of the salvage don’t seem to care much, this is just for convenience
  6. You are looking for a monster called Tolden Krabble and looks like a small hermit crab, this monster drops a guaranteed Common Core Crystal upon death.
  7. Charge up your chain attack gauge on any other monster (the Zamtrios or the Stingray)
  8. Kill the hermit crab using an overkill of 200% bonus or more in Chain Attack
  9. The hermit crab will drop a guaranteed rare core.


  • Time of day don’t matter, sea cloud level don’t matter
  • Done with 167 Luck but I doubt it matters, I have always gotten a common core from death and a rare from overkill Chain
  • Doesn’t seem to be any diminishing returns, I’m at 91 Cylinders spent and this is my haul: while failing miserably at the chain attacks and managing the gauge, thus losing a lot of opportunities.
  • In fact the last few attempts were done correctly and I got a rare from each, meaning no matter how many you kill it won’t stop dropping.

Enjoy farming for those rare blades!0