French Wholesaler Lists Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch

French Wholesaler Lists Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch
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It may not be much to go off of, but a French Wholesaler known as has listed Witcher 3 for the Nintendo Switch on their website. When we typed “Witcher 3” into the search section on the website, this came up…

Witcher 3

I told you it wasn’t much to go off of… but nonetheless, this could be a thing! Granted, there are some glaring omissions, most notably being no thumbnail image but it certainly raises a few eyebrows.

Witcher 3 is quite a graphically intensive game, requiring some decent hardware specs, so it’d be interesting to see how a Switch port would perform.


What do you think about this potential leak? Would you like to play Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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