Etherborn Walkthrough - World 4: The Longing of the Stones

Etherborn Walkthrough - World 4: The Longing of the Stones
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Etherborn is a 3D puzzle platformer that has some very tricky puzzles. Each world gets increasingly difficult, but to continue on with our Etherborn Walkthrough, let’s get started on World 4: The Longing of the Stones.

Puzzle #1

Continue down the linear path until you get to the room with two pillars. Walk to the one further away and run up the ramp on the other side of it. Run up all the way so that you fall onto the side of the taller pillar…

Then from up here, drop down onto the purple platform to the left. Run up the curve and keep walking down this area to grab the first Key Orb.

Now jump up the black beams to the right and jump up to the top section between the white beams. Head down the curve and then up the curve to the right to grab the second Key Orb.

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Run down the curve jump onto the black beams. Jump over to the white beams, drop down onto the purple section at the end, run up the curve and then drop down onto the other side to place the Key into the Keyhole.

Make your way back up the black beams over to the other side and go up the curve again where you got the second Key Orb. Once you’re upright, jump down below.

Make your way to the Keyhole and place the Key Orb in there, allowing you to proceed. Go to the end of this section where the starting pillars are and drop down.

Do what we did last time by walking up the small pillar and falling onto the longer one. Keep running up until you get to the new section that just became available and fall down onto it.

Fall again onto the first pillar’s slope and run downwards so that you’re facing upright. Drop down to the right side and proceed down the first branching path.

Take a right onto the darker toned path and continue down to…

Puzzle #2

This is the last puzzle of the game, so let’s do this!

Grab that first Key Orb and place it into the Key hole. Run up the stairs to the right, collecting the second Key Orb, and make it to the weird looking halfpipe. Drop down into it (avoiding the lava… obviously) and make for the second-to-last ramp up on the right. Run all the way up so that you’re fall sideways onto the wall and then keep running straight over the black beams to where the Keyhole is. Place that Key Orb that you just got in there…

Now that the bridge in the middle has moved, run towards the screen down the last ramp so that you’re upright and drop down into the halfpipe again. Make your way up the ramp that is second-to-the-front of the screen on the left side which has a curve up the top.

Run to the left of the left and go around the wall so that you’re on the other side of the halfpipe.

In this left section, jump onto the left wall next to the stairs and run down the curve at the end of it closer to the screen. Then drop to the left in order to walk up the pillar as shown below…

Run to the top, over the curve and then run across one of the ledges that connects the pillars to the wall. Some black beams will stick out, allowing you to run towards then screen and jump over the corner to the next set of black beams.

Now you’ll be able to cross the bridge above the halfpipe and grab the Key Orb that’s there.

Run back to where you just were on the left side and drop down to the stairs. Head up them and place the Key Orb into the Keyhole, bringing up a set of stairs that allows you to collect the other Key Orb. Run down the stairs and grab it, then continue to run down the stairs and grab the very first Key Orb that we had placed at the start of this puzzle. This will make the right set of stairs sink back into the lava, but that’s ok as we won’t be needing it again. Now run back up the stairs to the left, all the way to the Keyhole up the top and take that Key Orb out as well.

Now you have THREE Key Orbs on you!

Jump onto the ledge just to your right and run around so that you’re back on the side of the halfpipe. Run down the ramp, up the other side and take the Key Orb out of the wall column that only has one Keyhole in it.

Now run to the right and place a Key Orb in each of the three Key Holes there to make the bridge come closer to the screen. Walk onto it and collect the last Key Orb.

Now run back and take out those three Key Orbs. Run to the far side, place one Key Orb into the singular Keyhole and then one in each of the four Keyholes in the very last column.

This will bring the bridge to the end for you to jump onto, proceed through the gate and rest of the game from here on is strictly linear. So, congratulations!