Electronic Super Joy is finally coming to Nintendo Switch in just a few short weeks and if you pre-purchase the game before the game’s release, you’ll receive 33% off. Here’s the overview:

Independent publisher Hard Copy Games today announced that the brutally hard platformer Electronic Super Joy will launch on Nintendo Switch™ on November 28th. Set in a bizarre fantasy land of pulse-pounding electronic tunes with an irreverent take on fantasy worlds, players will run, jump, and smash their way through over 45 different levels while dealing with low-gravity, world rotation, giant monsters, and swarming missiles. Described as “The Unholy merging of Super Meat Boy & Super Hexagon!”, Electronic Super Joy is set to give gamers their hardcore platforming fix, with a unique twist.

Available for pre-purchase on 14th November with a 33% pre-purchase discount, Electronic Super Joy will give players over 8 hours of epically sexy platforming madness backed by 35 pumping electronic tracks as they battle to save the world from the Evil Groove-Wizard. Hardcore platforming in its purest form is the name of the game here, plus massive boss fights that are sure to whiten knuckles on controllers.

It’s time to get your hardcore gamer on. Pre-purchase Electronic Super Joy on Nintendo Switch™ for 33% off from November 14th.

Source: Hard Copy Games PR