Dicey Dungeons - Switch Review (Quick)

"Dicey Dungeons knows what it is trying to do and fully takes advantage of its lighter tone."

Dicey Dungeons - Switch Review (Quick)
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Dicey Dungeons is a different take on the deck building genre that has started to become more and more popular in the indie scene recently. This game opts for dice rolls to activate your set equipment instead of using mana and drawing cards like in games like Slay the Spire and Dungeontop. It’s a game that has short runs, allowing for quick play sessions on breaks or in transit, with a fun cartoony art style and an interesting story plot to pull you along.


Dicey Dungeons takes place on game show where your wildest dreams come true; all you have to do is beat the dungeon and spin the wheel to victory. The game show is run by the devilish Lady Luck which tends to pull luck against you, almost exclusively to the worst possible outcome.

It embraces the cartoon inspired plot as the enemies feel like they’ve come straight out of one. Enemies like a hedgehog who is allergic to dungeons so he sneezes constantly, a space marine with a plasma cannon and a witch who sits on her broom looking at her phone; oh, and I forgot to mention that you play from a choice of 6 different dice who used to be humans, all of these combine for zany, action-filled fun.

The main portion of the game is the dungeon aspect where you level up and build up equipment for your dice to defeat stronger enemies and eventually, the boss. Each of the 6 dice heroes also have 6 individual episodes that all start with a standard run but each additional episode shakes up the rules in different ways. In addition to their own episodes, each of the dice play differently with their own powers, like rerolling dice, adding 4 dice that rolled a 1, or changing every dice rolled into a 6; these shake up the game, giving each dice hero their own feel whilst keeping things interesting.

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The only part of Dicey Dungeons that I consider a downside is the fact that the majority of the unlocks are heavily frontloaded so once you’ve unlocked most of the characters, you’ve only got two more unlocks and one is the final boss. This leads to the majority of the game feeling like you just have to force your way through a brick wall due to nothing happening on a failed run. Overall though, there isn’t much else that feels “bad”.

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Final Score: 89%

Dicey Dungeons is a fun deck-building roguelike that uses dice instead of cards, shaking up the genre a bit. It embraces the silly side of things, having a cartoon inspired visual instead of going down the dark fantasy side of art and tone that has started to become more prevalent recently. Dicey Dungeons knows what it is trying to do and fully takes advantage of its lighter tone, having fun with the player as they try to break themselves free of the curse placed upon them.

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