Death and Taxes - Switch Review (Quick)

Death and Taxes - Switch Review (Quick)
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Fans of the classic manga/anime Death Note will likely enjoy the premise of Death and Taxes. You are a grim reaper and your sole purpose is to decide who lives and who dies. The air of bureaucracy and the dialogue adds some humor and lightens the morbid mood. Death and Taxes is one of the most unique games I've played this year. To live or die? That is the choice.


  • Unique Premise
  • Simple controls
  • Thoughtful and humorous writing
  • Character customization
  • Multiple dialogue options/critical decisions
  • Touchscreen capability

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  • Becomes repetitive after a while
  • May not appeal to players who prefer a bit of action in their games.
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Final Score: 85%

In all likelihood you'll blow through Death and Taxes in a day or two, but the experience in a memorable one. Your decisions matter and even though you're given directions on how to choose your victims, you can ignore them if you choose. Death and Taxes is a hilarious take on life, death and society. As this game is almost entirely text based, the care that went into writing the dialogue and character descriptions are really where this game shines. This Kafka-esque title is sure to delight avid readers but there isn't much appeal for more action-oriented gamers as all the death and destruction occurs off-screen.

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