Cathedral Launches on Switch Next Week

Cathedral Launches on Switch Next Week
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Elden Pixels, the developers known for Alwa's Awakening and Alwa's Legacy, announced their first published title in Cathedral last year and now, we have a confirmed release date as well as a brand new trailer and 16 minutes of gameplay footage.

Here's the press release:

Decemberborn Interactive and Elden Pixels are proud to announce that the acclaimed metroidvania Cathedral will be making the jump to Nintendo Switch on February 18th. Cathedral is available for pre-order with a 20% discount, before launching at £12.59 / $14.99 / €13.99 on the eShop when it releases next week.

To celebrate the news, Elden Pixels and Decemberborn Interactive have released a new gameplay video of Cathedral in action on Nintendo Switch:

Developed by Decemberborn Interactive and published by Elden Pixels, Cathedral has been lovingly brought over to Nintendo Switch. On PC the game already has a cult following among metroidvania enthusiasts, with an 87% positive user rating. On Nintendo Switch Cathedral finds its natural home, having been inspired by classic platform and metroidvania games from the NES and SNES era.

“We’re just a week away from launch and can’t wait to see what Nintendo players think of this epic and sprawling metroidvania love letter,” said Eric Lavesson of Decemberborn Interactive. “We’ve shared some new direct-feed gameplay from the Switch version to give you all a taste of what to expect from the final experience. I hope you all enjoy Cathedralas much as our PC community has!”

With over 600 rooms to explore across its huge interconnected world map, Cathedralpresents an 8-bit audiovisual feast that has been created with contemporary metroidvania game design principles. Cathedral’s expansive map is completely hand-crafted in meticulous pixel art detail, filled to the brim with all sorts of locations, secrets, puzzles, items and special challenges. Using the handy map feature is a must for gamers wanting to uncover every mystery this game holds. Prepare for a rollicking, noble adventure that will challenge and entertain for hours!

In Cathedral, players wake up in a world with no recollection of how they got there. Control a nameless knight from a different world, who teams up with a spirit known as Soul. Explore the world together to figure out who you are, how you got there, and most importantly, how to get back home. Unravel the secrets of the knight’s past by finding five legendary elemental orbs. The orbs, placed in ancient times by the demi-god known only as Ardur, are protected by five fearsome guardians. Make your way through their dungeons, meet them head-on in combat, and see if you can defeat and claim the treasure they are guarding! In classic metroidvania fashion, on your journey you’ll find a host of items that allow you to explore the world even further, reaching new areas, secrets and surprises!

Cathedral is coming to Nintendo Switch February 18th, where it will be available for purchase on the eShop £12.59 / $14.99 / €13.99. Pre-order the game from today for a 20% discount. The game is also available now on Steam.

And in the case of TL;DR, Cathedral will launch on Nintendo Switch on February 18.

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Source: Elden Pixels PR