Cat Quest II - Switch Review

Cat Quest II - Switch Review
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Cat Quest II is an RPG-lite co-op wonder that was an absolute joy to play. With puns being thrown into every chance possible, it’s almost impossible not to be charmed by this compact, delicious treat of a game. While the overall playtime is fairly short, with roughly 10 hours, this does not take away from the quality craftsmanship that has been put in by its creators.


The combat in Cat Quest II is extremely fluid, and has the player dodging enemy attacks that are telegraphed through a circle expanding outward, akin to a rhythm game. Each character can equip weapons, abilities, and armour, which can determine the playstyle for each.

While it may be a little simplistic for veterans, it still provides a challenge, and is still certainly enjoyable. Casuals will easily be able to pick up the controllers and jump into the action. It’s a balanced system and it feels great.

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The story and writing of Cat Quest II is almost all the beauty of the game. The plot is simple and easy to follow, with the protagonist cat and dog being the usurped rulers of their respective kingdoms. It’s simple and effective, and doesn’t try to overwhelm the player with a massive backlog of information.

However, the narrative itself is not the highlight of the game – it’s the humour. Cat Quest II is without a doubt the most eye rolling, pun-filled game I’ve ever played. Almost every line of dialogue has some pun placed inside it, and while on paper it sounds repetitive, somehow it manages to stay fresh, enjoyable, and has the player laughing with the game, not at it. It’s self-aware in how silly it is, but never oversteps into tedium.

Graphics / Art Direction

Vibrant, detailed character models as well as the different levels and world map are both beautiful and concise. Never did I feel lost, and always felt like I knew exactly what was happening at any given moment. Information through visuals is vital for the gameplay, and the graphics do a wonderful job with conveying the necessary information.

Music / Sound Design

The sound design is probably my least favourite aspect of the game, which is to say that I cannot fault it, nor can I necessarily praise it as highly as the others. The soundtrack isn’t ground breaking, but that’s ok. It does its job well. Same goes for the sound effects, which is to say it does the roll it needs to – convey information to the player.

Final Score: 85%

Cat Quest II is a perfect game to play with a friend or partner. The puns will have eyes rolling, but its campiness and humour, blended with engaging gameplay, makes for a great evening of fun. I wholeheartedly recommend this game, and look forward to another sequel.

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