Cannibal Cuisine - Switch Review (Quick)

Cannibal Cuisine - Switch Review (Quick)
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Among the slew of party co-op games comes Cannibal Cuisine, a game where you and other tribesmen must slay tourists and use their meat to make sacrificial dishes in order to appease the god Hooboochoo. Use special abilities, cook the dishes that the god desires whilst keeping an eye on the timer. With game gems like Overcooked and Moving Out, it begs to question whether Cannibal Cuisine can compete with the rest of them.


  • Nice twist on the party cooking genre
  • Choose your ability each time you start a new round; these can vary from healing totems, stomping that stuns enemies to breathing fire that hastens the cooking process.
  • A versus mode that pits 2v2
  • Colourful art style
  • Catchy and lighthearted jungle music

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  • Controls feels hollow and floaty, which doesn’t work when you need to walk across barrels over moats of water or avoid spikes, each causing instant death.
  • Combat is basic and not exciting; feels more like a chore.
  • Frame rate dips when playing with more than one player (patch update planned post-launch).
  • Incredibly difficult point requirements just to proceed to the next level – took us three attempts just to beat the first level.
  • Poorly placed hazards that lead to frustration more than anything.
  • Timer keeps going when game is paused.

Final Score: 40%

There are a lot of aspects that make a party cooking game great and unfortunately, Cannibal Cuisine misses the mark on most of them. It’s ambitious in many ways and certainly had the potential to be remembered among the gems of the genre but sadly, it was just not meant to be.

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