Cannibal Cuisine Coming to Nintendo Switch this Month

Cannibal Cuisine Coming to Nintendo Switch this Month
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Meat (pun intended) Cannibal Cuisine, a couch co-op cooking party game coming to Nintendo Switch on May 20th. With a twist of hunting tourists and feeding their meat to the hangry god of the land. Here’s the overview:

Cannibal god Hoochooboo awakens on May 20th with the release of Cannibal Cuisine! There will be fighting, feasting and fun in this action packed cooking challenge for 1-4 players – and a beta is open now on Steam as a starter course.

Not your average cooking game

There’s more to handle here than ingredients and impatient customers! Fight tourists to collect their meats, use special voodoo powers for healing, cooking or combat, and face special challenge levels that will test more than your culinary capabilities! Every player picks a different voodoo power – cook faster with fire breath, stomp-stun tourists, and more. To get 3 stars you’ll have to coordinate between your fruit pickers and tourist hunters for the right ingredients… and that’s before later levels where you have to dodge lava, board boats, and avoid spikes! Play the 24 level story campaign with up to 4 chefs, or engage in competitive versus mode cooking contests, playable both local and online.

Open Beta is… Open!

Before the launch a limited time open beta is being run to gather player feedback and stress test the game. Anyone can join by downloading the Cannibal Cuisine demo for free on Steam. This is a great opportunity for aspiring chefs to try out the game – but move fast, it won’t stay up forever!

Source: Game Drive NL PR