Oh boy do we love our passion indie projects and Breakpoint just looks like nothing but crazy mayhem fun! With weapons that explode, hordes of enemies, bright neon light colours and non-stop action, you’ll be glued to your screen – I know I am!

Here’s the rundown and a trailer:

Breakpoint is a retro, twin-stick arcade game that uses classic melee weapons instead of firearms and lasers. Feel the emphatic impact of multiple weapon classes in this full-contact combat style, including when weapons reach their ‘breakpoint’ (see what we did there?) and explode, dealing massive damage to surrounding enemies.

Dodge twelve enemy types, choose your point of attack, and smash, slice, or explode through the brightly-lit hoards. Players will be included in a global leaderboard, as well as have access to replays of any high score runs on the leaderboard. Don’t just battle for points; learn from the top players as well! 

Breakpoint is looking to release early this Summer (Winter for us here below the equator).

Source: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild PR