Blasphemous: Tres Angustias Boss Guide

Blasphemous: Tres Angustias Boss Guide
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Blasphemous is a tough game, so it’s not surprising that the boss battles are tough too. Tres Angustias is one of the earlier boss fights, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Let’s get into it…

I’ll first make it known that you can attack any of the three with lady things and it will take from their collective total health of Tres Angustias – so that’s neat!

This boss autoscrolls upwards, so you need to use the walls to wall-jump upwards. Keep in mind that you don’t need to do this for all platforms as some you can reach normally.

Two of them will have a spear with the other having a staff/boomerang thing. The spears are what I would be most wary of as when they flash, they’ll begin to take aim. Once they stop moving, there’ll be a half a second before they shoot towards you. You can either do your best to avoid these, or they can be parried if you have the reflexes for it.

The staff/boomerang will be thrown around the outskirts of the area so when a red burst comes from that witch (it’s hard to notice what with everything going on, but that’s the cue), that’s the time to make for the middle.

I was supposed to be in the middle here… I got hit.

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When on long middle platforms, be sure to use both your dash attack and throw ranged attacks to whittle down their health quicker.

When all witches combine and start making a blob, that’s when things start to get real! The fight will end with this, but this may also happen partway through the fight as well.

Now there will just be one witch that’s a bigger target to hit. Sounds easier, right? Well, She’s going to send out bursts of energy, one after another. The tell for where they are going to go off are flashing balls of energy from underneath.

The beams will either be on one side, both sides or in the middle. They’ll quickly change, so you have to be quick and vigilant.

As soon as the beams fade, get in close (or use ranged attacks) to hack at her health. If you’re going in close, DO NOT get greedy. Lay a hit or two and then retreat, keeping note of where the next beams are going to come from.

Keep it up until Tres Angustias goes down and give yourself a big ol’ pat on the back for this one!

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