Blasphemous: His Holiness Escribar / Last Son of the Miracle (Final) Boss Guide

Blasphemous: His Holiness Escribar / Last Son of the Miracle (Final) Boss Guide
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Blasphemous is a tough game, so it’s not surprising that the boss battles are tough too. This is the final boss fight and it is split into two parts: His Holiness Escribar and Last Son of the Miracle. Let’s finish this…

For both fights, you are going to want to protect yourself against the elements and reduce dash cooldown.

His Holiness Escribar

His Holiness Escribar has terrible defence, so taking him down quickly is the aim. If you’re quick enough, you can get in early with a dash attack like so…

One of his first attacks will be to send down balls of energy at you. It’s best to avoid these as much as possible, but note that you can actually attack them and even send them flying back at Escribar and break his shield. I’d simply recommend avoiding them, but it’s a good thing to note for part 2 of this fight.

For the fire attacks, Escribar won’t have a shield, but going up close to him will leave you vulnerable. Instead, run to the other side, jump over one and dash under another and then make your way back to Escribar, attacking him as the fireballs begin to stop.

His last attack is thunderbolts which you’ll simply need to dodge out of their way. They’ll alternate between single and double and go off where you’re positioned at a certain time. You can tell where they’re about to go off by the dancing lights, giving you plenty of time to move out of the way. There will be five bolts, so after the first bolt, try to close the gap.

Once you’ve whittled down his health, you’ll be on to part 2.

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Last Son of the Miracle

This last fight with the Last Son of the Miracle isn’t necessarily difficult, but you have to keep track and stay alert of everything coming at you.

First, you have to strike the eye of the sword three times. Upon doing this, the armour plate in front of the statue’s face will open and that’s what you want to attack to begin hacking at this boss’s health. To get up there, you need to climb up the ice platforms, but be aware that when they turn white, they’re about to melt, so be sure to keep your eyes open.

Also be aware that if you don’t take out the sword quick enough, it can attack you. It has a slash attack that you’ll see it charge up when it begins to rotate; when this happens, dash away as quickly as you can. Its other attack is to stab the ground, sending out shock waves, so you’ll want to be on an ice platform… safe to say I didn’t make it in the image below.

When you see a shining ball of energy begin to charge up, RUN AWAY! There will be three attacks: one in the middle, two to the left and right and then two more to the far left and right. So once the middle one goes off, make for the middle and stay there.

For when two balls of energy appear on either side of the statue’s head, they’ll shoot jabs of energies outwards. Your best position is to be in the bottom-middle but if you’re up the top next to the head, you can jump over the middle ones and stay up there.

You’ll also see those familiar bolts of lightning come down. These are incredibly frustrating as when you are hit by one, it’s very difficult to dodge the next and they will hit consecutively. Avoid them at all cost!

When the boss’s health is getting low, it’ll send a myriad of fireballs down at you. Simply run back and forth doing your best to avoid them. Dash when you need to and simply just try your best.

Remember those energy balls from part 1 of this fight? Well, this is when it comes in handy to know that you can strike them out of the way. When these are coming down and you’re up at the head, this is the best time to let loose.

Get that health bar down to empty and that’s it, you’ve just beaten the game – congratulations!

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