Black Future '88 - Uberheim Boss Guide

Black Future '88 - Uberheim Boss Guide
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Black Future ’88 is a roguelike, so you may find that you just need to get the best weapons, but knowing their patterns couldn’t hurt. Uberheim packs a punch and will often want to get up close, so let’s make him go away.

First of all, you’re best off keeping your distance from Uberheim by attacking with long ranged guns. He does have a firearm which acts as a spray so if you can get manoeuvre yourself so that the bullets are stopped by a platform or such, that would be ideal.

Uberheim will have robot friends appear that aren’t challenging in any way, but they can get annoying. If you have a strong weapon and want to finish this quickly, then I’d ignore them, but if you’re strapped in for a long one, then they may be worth taking out. They can also drop items like Blood Packs, weapons and Ammo, which are always handy at a time like this.

When Uberheim jumps and is in midair, that’s when you know he’s getting ready to slam back down to the ground. Being on the very bottom and positioning yourself so that you’re underneath a platform is ideal, but not always feasible. And sometimes, Uberheim will fake an attack and warp to where you have moved, only to perform it there, but there’s a tell to determine when he’s going to come crashing down: The screen will go dark for half a second and as he’s coming down, a lightning bolt will strike. If you haven’t been able to move away at this point, dashing as soon as you see that flash is your best bet.

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Uberheim also has a standard melee attack. His tell is a dash towards you as pictured below.

The dash animation doesn’t last very long, but you’ll have another tell where Uberheim flashes a deep shade of green. As soon as you see either of these tells, dash!

And that’s all there is to this boss fight.

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