Baba Is You Walkthrough Part 15: Meta

Baba Is You Walkthrough Part 15: Meta
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Welcome to Part 15 of the Baba Is You walkthrough – Meta. There are a total of 18 levels in this area, so let’s get started…

Level 01: Hot Potato

In this level, we don’t want Keke to be near the Key as it will forever change it into a Heart. So the trick is to push the Key around by using text.

Push OPEN next to the Key on its left side by using AND in order to nudge it into place.

Push OPEN to the right (along with the Key) until the Key is three tiles from the right wall. Then position KEY IS PUSH to the left of AND and push it once to the right so that AND is underneath the Key.

Push AND (as well as the Key) up so that the key is horizontally in line with the Door. Push PUSH (as well as OPEN) up so that OPEN is next to the Key. Bring up KEY IS so that KEY IS PUSH is next to AND. Now push OPEN (as well as the Key) to the far right.

Now make KEY IS PUSH AND OPEN so that it is in line with the Key and Door and use it like a pool cue to nudge the Key into the Door. Push OPEN up or down out of the way and get to the Flag.

Level 02: Adventure

We’d like to thank 네이버하드 for their help with this one!

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), the images below may be a little different than what it actually is. However, the solution remains the same.

In this level, you’ll need to stay close to the walls. So make your way up so you’re on the right side of TEXT.

As soon as you push TEXT to the left and onto the Belt, move down once so that you’re also on the Belt but in from the the text tile. This way when you get to the end, you can get above it and push it down.


Take WALL and bring it to the middle to where WIN is. Move them up to the Belt, pushing both with WIN on the bottom, one tile right vertically of the solitary Wall tile near the Belt.

Push both text tiles into the Belt and then push WIN up twice. Also, push WALL down once.

Disengage BELT IS SHIFT by pushing SHIFT down once. Then push WIN down once, get to the right of it and push it so that it’s one tile down and one tile left of SHIFT. Then make BELT IS WIN and walk into the Belt.

Level 03: Booby Trap

Solution 1 (FLAG IS WIN)

Walk into the Flag.

Solution 2 (LEVEL IS BABA)

Many thanks to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) and Jiiman for helping with this solution!

Disengage FLAG IS WIN and TEXT IS WIN. Put WIN right of the Belt so you can cross it. Push SHIFT down once, then go around and push the IS next to BELT up, and BELT left, so you can bring IS and SHIFT up to room you started in.

Make TEXT IS SHIFT, and use a spare text tile to push the Flag around. Position the Flag so it is level with the long corridor leading to the Lava on the right, and facing right. Now as well as TEXT IS SHIFT, make FLAG IS SHIFT, and use the remaining IS text to push onto the Flag. Both IS and Flag should automatically travel right. Disengage FLAG IS SHIFT so that IS ends up one tile left of the Lava.

While TEXT IS SHIFT still, use another text tile to push into the Lava on the left, until there is only one Lava tile on the very left and a line of four tiles above and to the right of that. You then need to use all the text to contain it – overlapping does not work. Use the image below as a reference.

If this is done correctly, you will be able to go and retrieve BABA by making LAVA IS MORE etc, and the Lava will not spread. You can now make LEVEL IS BABA to access Meta 04.


NB: You must complete Level 05 for LEVEL IS BABA before doing this solution.

Disengage FLAG IS WIN and TEXT IS WIN. Put WIN right of the Belt so you can cross it. Push SHIFT down once, then go around and bring SHIFT up to room you started in. Make TEXT IS SHIFT, and use the IS next to BELT to push the Belt up. Position the Belt so it is level with the long corridor leading to the Lava on the right.

Break TEXT IS SHIFT and put FLAG on top of the Belt. Now with the higher of the two BELT texts make BELT IS TEXT horizontally, so that it makes BELT and FLAG overlap.

Make them face right, then push TEXT up one tile before make TEXT IS SHIFT. Wait until FLAG/BELT is lined up underneath LEVEL before breaking the sequence by pushing TEXT left.

Finally, push LEVEL IS down to make LEVEL IS FLAG/BELT, even though Baba disappears. Now, in the overworld, you can use Baba to push the Flag around and open the door to access new levels.

Level 04: Canister

Thanks again to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) for helping with this solution!

Move BELT IS SHIFT to the left of the conveyor belt, and push SHIFT onto the belt, making it move down one tile. Make BELT IS WORD, and then push the remaining IS onto the belt above SHIFT, making BELT (object) IS SHIFT and IS SHIFT will move down.

Make ROCKET IS SHIFT and go back up. Push BELT IS WORD into the Rocket so you can move them around again. Now go back down and put IS SHIFT to the right of a Belt tile. Go back up and put WORD two tiles to the right of the belt, so you can push BELT IS in from the left to make BELT IS WORD, and BELT will move down so you can push it down the conveyor belt.

Finally, make SKULL IS SHIFT and push the BELT text onto the Skull, making both FLAG IS WIN and BELT IS FLAG. Walk into a Flag to win.

Level 05: Avalanche

Thanks to 네이버하드 for helping with this one!

Solution 1 (BABA IS WIN)

Make BABA NOT ON LEVEL IS FALL. For reasons I have yet to comprehend, this allows Baba to walk over objects that are STOP, allowing you to retrieve WIN and make BABA IS WIN.

Alternatively, you can make WALL IS BABA, which will free the WIN so you can make BABA IS WIN.

Solution 2 (LEVEL IS BABA)

Make LEVEL IS BABA. Now, in the Meta overworld you need to solve Level 03 again for LEVEL IS BELT/FLAG.

Level 06: One-way Entrance

Thanks to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) and 네이버하드 for finding the solution to this one!

Make ROCK IS PUSH, and place the Rock one tile left of the Belt, then put ROCK, FALL, PUSH left of the Rock, in between the two rows of Skulls. Now vertically make ROCK IS PUSH above PUSH.

Get to the left of ROCK FALL PUSH and push them all right one tile. This will break ROCK IS PUSH and make ROCK IS FALL, sending the Rock down onto the hedge below the Belt.

Next, push ROCK IS FALL down one tile to also make ROCK IS PUSH. Go around underneath the Belt and move up onto it at the same time Keke moves left, so you don’t get sent to the right. Push the text left to break ROCK IS FALL, and push it all the way to the left.

Go back across the Belt and push the Rock onto the Flag, then finally break ROCK IS PUSH so you can stand on the Flag/Rock and win.

Level 07: Bramblevine

Thanks to 네이버하드 for finding the solution to this one!

Push one of the rocks so it is lined up below Me, on the corner above the Wall dividing the Hedge from the main area.

Put Baba one tile up and left of the Hedge, so when you start to walk away, it grows. Walk up and around the left of the Rock to stop it from following you any further for now.

Next, push the other two rocks so one is two tiles left and one down from the Belt, and the other right beside it on the left. Break ROCK IS PUSH now, and put IS PUSH vertically below the belt by two tiles and one tile left, with ROCK overlapping the right-most Rock, so that if you were to push it right one tile, it would make ROCK IS PUSH again.

But first, go back to the Hedge. Stand to the right of the Rock to activate the Hedge again, and walk up, right, up, then all the way right to make ROCK IS PUSH, then go over the Belt and down to make ME IS MOVE. Me should walk over the Hedge and open the Door for you, so you can get the Flag.

Level 08: Mutual Feelings

Thanks to 네이버하드 and @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) for finding the solution to this one!

Solution 1 (ROCK IS WIN)

Walk into the Flag.


In order to progress further in Meta, you need to make this level both Baba and Flag at the same time.

First, make BABA IS FLAG so you have two Flags. Make FLAG IS PUSH horizontally, so that FLAG is three tiles above TELE, and put one of the Flags just below FLAG.

Move IS PUSH down one tile, then push FLAG down so it overlaps the Flag and remakes FLAG IS PUSH, with FLAG two tiles above TELE. Push the other Flag into a teleporting Heart, and move BABA just above one of the Hearts.

Push IS or PUSH to break FLAG IS PUSH and push BABA onto the teleporter so that both BABA and the Flag end up overlapping. Now make FLAG IS TELE, and this may take some waiting and restarting, but you want to eventually end up with FLAG and BABA overlapping, so you can make LEVEL IS FLAG/BABA.

Overworld Nonsense…

Now in the overworld, you should have two Babas and two Flags. On the right, push the Flag into the Door below and bring over the Cursor to the left Baba via the level track next to Level 07. Make LEVEL IS PUSH on the right side and use the left Baba to push the Flag into the Door, then the levels into the Water so that you can now get to the other side.

Level 09: Delicate Star

Thanks to 네이버하드 for finding the solution to this one!

Make BOX IS PUSH and push the box on the right down as far as it will go. Make STAR IS PUSH and push the Star one tile above the Box. Make STAR IS PULL, and now you can pull the Star out towards the right Door. Make STAR IS PUSH again to use the Star to open the Door.

Next, make BOX IS PULL and pull the left Box down in front of the other Door. Now make both STAR IS PULL and BOX ON ME IS PUSH so that you’re using the IS text for both sentences.

You should be able to pull the Star down in front of the Door. Make STAR IS PUSH to open it and extract FLOAT. Make ME IS FLOAT to go over the water and the Skull. Push FLAG into the water – you don’t need it – and push WIN down so you can make ME IS WIN.

Level 10: Just No

Solution 1 (LEVEL IS WIN):

Push the NOT texts to make LEVEL IS NOT NOT NOT NOT WIN.

Solution 2 (LEVEL IS BABA):

First, line up all the NOT texts except one, so you have LEVEL IS NOT (x8) with one left over.

Put WIN to the right of YOU, then push the remaining NOT to make NOT BABA IS YOU. You now control the three Rocks. Come up underneath Baba so the right-most Rock pushes NOT up one tile, then make Baba push NOT back down so it overlaps the Rock. Move right one tile to put a Rock between NOT and BABA.

Now make Baba push the NOT right to make NOT BABA IS YOU again, then make the Rocks move right, and so on, until BABA IS YOU WIN is against the right hand side of the screen. Now you should be able to make the top Rock move further along, so you can maneuver them to make a row of three.

Use all three Rocks to push BABA IS YOU up, then use Baba to push NOT up. Repeat this until BABA IS YOU is level with LEVEL IS NOT (x8), and push it right to make LEVEL IS NOT (x8) BABA.

More Overworld Nonsense…

Use the two Flags to open the middle and right Doors. Once they’re open, have the middle and right Babas walk into a tile of Water so that the left Baba that’s remaining. can freely move around most of the overworld.

Bring FLAG over to the left side to make FLAG IS CURSOR.

Once that’s done, push FLAG back to its original position. To do this, you’ll need to first bring down IS PUSH so that you can put FLAG where it needs to be and then push IS PUSH back into place.

Push the Flag into the Door, bring FLAG back over to the left side (AGAIN) and make FLAG IS CURSOR. Now you can walk into the Cursor and get to…

Level 11: Acrobatics

Thanks to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) for helping with the solution to this one!

First, being very careful not to move away from near the text objects as TEXT NOT NEAR GROUP IS FALL, push HOT under Keke and push PUSH down to replace it, making KEKE IS PUSH.Now push IS right, so Keke goes right with it, and remake KEKE IS PUSH, by pushing PUSH to the right, then push KEKE up and right.

Rinse and repeat, gradually moving all the text and Keke rightward, until Keke is underneath the Ice. Now make IS overlap Keke and make KEKE IS PUSH.

Push the sequence up until Keke overlaps the Ice. Replace PUSH with HOT to make the Ice disappear, then you can get the Flag.

Overworld Nonsense…

Now, getting to Level 12 isn’t easy. To do it, you’ll need to have a Baba in the enclosure where Levels 11, 14 and 15 were. So skip to level 14 and make the LEVEL IS MELT AND BABA solution.

Now that that’s done, starting from the cursor being where the entrance to Depths is and use the bottom Flag to open the door so you can push GHOST to where CURSOR IS is.

Then use the Flag under Level 07 to open the door below and the Flag near Levels 01 and 02 to open the door to the right of that one. Whilst doing this, make sure not to disengage FLAG IS PUSH AND OPEN.

Now get the cursor onto the Baba in the room where the belt is. You can do this by putting the Cursor onto one of the Babas and moving it over to the white path where Levels 01 and 02 are. Put the middle Baba into the nook to that’s three tiles down and one right of Level 02. Move the Cursor to the right of Level 02 and walk upwards for the Baba to get into the Cursor.

Transport the Cursor over to the white path that’s the right of LEVEL IS LEVEL and make it cross over so that it is disconnected from the Baba.

Make CURSOR IS GHOST while the cursor is to the right of that wall, which means you need to set it up so you push one of the texts left. Turn Ghost back into cursor when it’s over the wall and move it onto Level 12.

Level 12: The Return of Scenic Pond

Start by making TEXT HAS BABA, and push KEKE into the water to make a second Baba. Now, push BABA IS YOU right, until IS YOU is above the fence, with BABA sticking out a tile to the left. Below, make BABA HAS TEXT, but as you do so, squash one of the Babas between the fence and TEXT. The result will be a new BABA text that overlaps TEXT.

Now you can walk into the water to make new BABA texts, and then change the formula to BABA/TEXT HAS BABA to make new Babas out of those texts by pushing those into the water. When you have three Babas, have one of them walk into the water above IS FLOAT to make BABA IS FLOAT (so you need BABA HAS TEXT/BABA).

Make one Baba walk over the Skull to make FLAG IS WIN, then, using the same principle from the level Prison, have two Babas at either end of BABA IS FLOAT, then walk up or down to separate the texts. Now you can walk into the Flag and win.

Level 13: Breaking and Entering

Solution 1: (FLAG IS WIN)

Push the Rock up into the water, then push ROCK into the water to make a path. Make TEXT HAS FLAG (object) and push the IS into the water on the right, creating another Flag.

Now, by making FLAG (object) IS PUSH vertically, push the newly made flag a few tiles to the right and then back to the left so that it is with all of the text. Now set up both Flags so that one is directly left of the water to the right, and the other is two tiles to the left of the right Flag.

Make TEXT overlap the Flag on the right, and make FLAG (object) HAS FLAG/TEXT. Now push the sequence right, so Flag/TEXT go in the water, and they will be replaced with a Flag and FLAG.

So all up, you should have two Flags and one FLAG text. Make FLAG IS PUSH and FLAG HAS Flag (object), then use the remaining Flag to open all the doors at the top, going one step backward each time you open a Door so you don’t accidentally walk over the Flag.

While FLAG IS PUSH, use the second Flag object to place underneath WIN. Disengage FLAG IS PUSH, then ground around to the top and push WIN down over the top of the Flag. Finally, push IS to make Flag (object) IS WIN and walk into the Flag you used to open the Doors.

Solution 2: (LEVEL IS TEXT)

Use the Rock and ROCK text to make a path again. Now, just use whatever text you like to get rid of the water so that you are able to push TEXT up to make LEVEL IS TEXT.

How to make LEVEL IS WIN in Meta Overworld:

After completing the solution LEVEL IS TEXT for Level 13, make CURSOR IS GHOST in the overworld and push LEVEL up four tiles.

Make GHOST IS CURSOR, and remake CURSOR IS GHOST when the Cursor is on the corner of the white pathway, so when it becomes a Ghost again, you can move up to the left of LEVEL and push it right.

From there, you can make LEVEL IS WIN.

Level 14: Tangle

Thanks to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) for helping with the solution to this one!

Solution 1 (BABA IS WIN):

Simply disengage FLAG IS PUSH to get the dandelion.


First, bring the FLOAT text out from its lava island, then make FLAG IS PUSH and make the Flag overlap the Water tile near BABA.

Now put AND FLOAT underneath LEVEL IS, with another IS between, so you can push MELT in to make LEVEL IS MELT AND FLOAT.

Now you can get BABA and make LEVEL IS MELT AND BABA (make sure press the A button to wait a turn so that it activates).


This solution is necessary to solve Level 15.

Simply make LEVEL IS with AND FLAG below, then push in MELT.

The level will disappear, but if you undo the move, you will be taken out of the level, which will now be a Flag (this doesn’t always activate straight away, so try retrying, waiting or moving around a little bit).

Level 15: The Box

This level is only solvable if the level beside it on the overworld is a Flag (see Solution 3 for Level 14).

First, make ROCK IS PUSH and disengage ROCK IS DEFEAT by pushing the Rock up one tile.

Make LEVEL NEAR ROCK IS PUSH, and now you can walk over the Rock beneath the ROCK text and push it up to disengage ROCK IS PUSH.

Push LEVEL and then NEAR over the pair of Rocks up to make LEVEL NEAR FLAG IS WIN to win.

This means that you can now go to Center, yet ANOTHER world.

Extra Level 1: Hidden Path

First off, getting to this level is a puzzle in itself. You’re going to need at least three Babas, two in the middle room and one on the right. You can do this by following the LEVEL IS BABA solutions above, especially in Level 03.

Once you’ve done that, use the Flag on the right side to open the door dividing them. Then bring up all three Babas so that they’re just below BABA IS YOU so that you can access the extra levels 1 and 2.

Thanks to 네이버하드 and Etimo for helping find the solution to this one!

Break BELT IS SHIFT and go over the Belt to make ROCK IS EMPTY. Go down to the bottom left corner to make FLAG IS WIN. Now get IS SHIFT lined up in front of the Belt, so when you push it right and make LEVEL IS SHIFT, you will have just enough time to walk to the Flag before the Level collapses too far for you to reach it.

Extra Level 2: Triplets

Thanks to 네이버하드 for helping find the solution to this one!

Begin by using all three Babas to move BABA IS YOU up into empty space, then you can make BABA IS WORD vertically. Pull the Rock out, then get two Babas to be either side of it, and put both Babas and the Rock in the gap above IS FLOAT. Make the third Baba walk into the labyrinth in the bottom-right corner.

When it gets down to the row of Skulls, you need to be very careful. When Baba is left and two tiles up from the first Skull, the Baba right of the Rock should be one tile up and left of IS. Move down two tiles, then right, and Baba should overlap the first Skull at the same time the other Baba pulls the Rock right and makes BABA (object) IS FLOAT. Now move up two, then left, up, right three, then down one, and Baba should be able to safely cross the Skulls and overlap the Ice.

Next, bring the Rock down so it is three tiles above HOT, and put an IS above HOT. Now put one Baba between the Rock and IS HOT, and at the same time put the other Baba above IS FLOAT, and then put the third Baba on the Ice to win.

Extra Level 3: Getting Together

Many thanks to 네이버하드 for solving this one!

In order to reach this level, have the Cursor on or near Level 15 in the Meta Overworld. Make CURSOR IS GHOST, then walk the Ghost over to the yellow flower, and make GHOST IS CURSOR so that the Ghost becomes a Cursor as it walks onto the flower, which is actually the third Extra Level.

First, make WALL IS ROCK IS PUSH and set up three rocks: one overlapping the Flag, facing down; one under the Flag, facing up, and one down and right one tile from the Flag, facing left.

Now make ROCK ON BABA IS WALL, and walk over two Rocks to turn them into Wall blocks, then make WALL IS BABA, and overlap those two new Babas, keeping the other one alone.

Next, make BABA ON ROCK IS WALL, and make the lonely Baba overlap the Rock down and right from the Flag to turn it into a Wall. Push the IS text to overlap the Flag.

Then make ROCK IS SHIFT, and the Flag and IS will begin to alternate up and down between two Rocks. When they are on the upper Rock, make Baba walk onto the Rock on the right to win.

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