Baba Is You Walkthrough Part 11: ???

Baba Is You Walkthrough Part 11: ???
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Welcome to Part 11 of the Baba Is You walkthrough – ???. There are a total of 18 levels in this area, so let’s get started…

Level 01: Glitch

Push BABA IS YOU out of the way to the right and make LOVE IS FLAG, which is WIN.

Level 02: Error

Push the letters available above in order to make LOVE IS ME.

Now make ME IS FLAG and walk into it.

Level 3: Whoops

Without moving right, push MOVE to make KEKE IS MOVE. Break the sequence just after Keke breaks ICE IS YOU.

Push FLAG IS WIN up a few tiles. Make KEKE IS ICE, then, using the same ICE text, make ICE IS WIN and ICE IS YOU.

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Level 04: Mean Fence

Push WIN so it is just below the lone Wall block in the middle. Walk down one tile, then right until you are against the Clouds.

Then up two, and left, pushing WIN all the way to the Clouds on the left. Make FLAG IS WIN.

Level 05: Scale

First, break BABA IS YOU to make things easier. Then make NOT ROCK IS NOT YOU, and BABA IS PUSH.

Push Baba into the Water to get access to the Flag.

Level 06: Parade

To start with, push the Bug past the conveyor belt, but don’t put Baba on it yet.

Now you need to make ME IS KEKE, but first make sure you have KEKE IS ready so you can turn Keke back into Me before it breaks BABA IS YOU. To do this, Make ME IS KEKE vertically and make an empty tile to the right of ME. Directly above that empty tile, have KEKE IS. So, make ME IS KEKE, then wait until the Keke above walks towards the BABA text. When they are one or two tiles away, make KEKE IS ME to stop them.

Next, make ME IS SKULL, then make BUG IS ME. Now go up past the conveyor belt, and swap the Skull around so it overlaps the Me and is destroyed.

Go around and down over the Ice block to get back to the main area, and make SKULL IS KEKE. Keke will walk down and make FLAG IS WIN for you.

Level 07: Turn the Corner

Solution 1: Make WALL IS SHUT with the lone WALL text. Then, using the same IS text, vertically make ROCK IS OPEN AND PUSH.

Now push the Rock into the Wall exactly one tile to the right of SINK. Push SINK to the left, then make LEVEL IS WIN.

Solution 2: Make FLAG IS ROCK, then proceed to make WALL IS SHUT and ROCK IS OPEN AND PUSH as in Solution 1 (Important: Make sure it is OPEN AND PUSH, not PUSH AND OPEN, because you need the PUSH for later.) Push the Rock into the Wall right of SINK. But now, keep walking left, and you will push the second Rock into the Wall behind it, allowing you out of the enclosure.

Next, get PUSH and make LEVEL IS PUSH, and put the AND two tiles below that, so you still have a space to walk out the enclosure. Finally, go around and push BABA IS YOU right, so that BABA is below AND. Go back around and push BABA up to make LEVEL IS PUSH AND BABA. Just like how we got here, this won’t complete the level; rather, it will take you outside of the level into overworld map (in this case, this overworld map of this secret area).

Now you’ll be able to push a little Baba around. Push the Rock into the tile of Water to be rid of them both.

Now rekindle Baba with the level selector and move them both over to the ? that will leave you to Depths.

Level 08: VIP Area

Huge thanks to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) for this one!

Push the IS that is just above downwards and push it through the IS in BABA IS YOU. Next, push NOT down, creating NOT BABA IS YOU.

Now you’ll be controlling the two Rocks and the Flag up the top. Concentrate on the Rocks for now, using the lonely Wall block to separate them with a one gap tile horizontally and then use the Wall above to make them horizontally in line with each other. Now bring them both to the left and use them to simultaneously push both BABA and YOU down.

You’ll be controlling Baba again, but just press down once to recreate NOT BABA IS YOU and you’ll be the Rocks once more. Bring the IS that’s in between the two rocks over to the right and up so that it is just underneath the lonely Wall block.

Bring the Rocks so that the left one is in between Keke and KEKE (that’s fun to say…) and the right Rock is just to the right of STOP. Now move left, right, left and the KEKE text will be on Keke.

Now by using the IS underneath the Wall block, we can make it so that the Rocks are one tile up and two tiles right from one another and the Flag won’t get destroyed from the now deadly Kekes.

Move the Rocks down twice from the picture above so that the left Rock is in the little nook below and the right Rock is just to the right of KEKE and Keke. Move once to the left, sacrificing the right rock but allowing the left Rock to move KEKE up and out.

Vertically make KEKE IS BABA whilst still being careful to not destroy the Flag.

Make FLAG IS WIN with the Babas on the left and walk into the Flag to win!

Level 09: Tense Atmosphere

First off, a MASSIVE thank you to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord)!

First, make WALL IS NOT WALL.

Now that the Wall is gone, add on AND SINK to SKULL IS DEFEAT to make SKULL IS DEFEAT AND SINK. After that, make ROCK IS PUSH, push the Rock into the Skull and walk into the Flag.

Level 10: Tag Team

Once again, a MASSIVE thank you to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord)!

First, coordinate SKULL IS NOT STOP from the top downwards one tile left of the Skull.

Now push NOT right into the Skull.

Once you’ve done that, move STOP down and out of the way, followed by moving BABA two tiles left of the Skull and IS one tile below the empty tile between them.

Now to the left, push YOU up to make ROCK IS YOU and use the single Wall tile to guide the left Baba onto the Flag and the Rock two tiles below it.

Now move left once and up twice and you’ll win!

Level 11: Security Check

A Massive THANK YOU to Luna L, you rock!

Push the upper IS down so that it is one tile above the other IS. Then push NOT down to make NOT BABA IS YOU.

Now that you’re controlling both the Rocks, use the Walls to the side to so that they are horizontally in line with one another with one empty tile between them. Once you’ve done that, push both BABA and YOU up once to once again make BABA IS YOU.

Now that you’re Baba again, push NOT up once so that you’re once again NOT BABA IS YOU. Then take the two Rocks over to the bottom-right corner and have the left Rock just left of KEKE and the other just right of STOP. Now move left, right, left so that the KEKE becomes separated. Be sure to push KEKE once more to the left so that it overlaps the actual Keke.

Whilst staying low, use the Rocks to bring over NOT BABA IS YOU (as well as the IS below it) so that the BABA tile is vertically in line with KEKE.

Push NOT up once and you’ll be controlling Baba again.

Vertically make NOT BABA IS NOT KEKE and all of the Kekes will disappear. Make FLAG IS WIN and walk into the Flag.

Level 12: Ultimate Maze

Head directly to the Key and push it one tile left, allowing you to approach it from above without ruining the level. Push it down three tiles, then go up and around to the left of it, and push it to the right as far as it will go, then down so that the Key is one tile above the horizontal wall.

Now go up near the top of the maze in order to find a useable path to the right, and come back down so that you can push the Key left into the lone Wall block between the Hedges, allowing you access to the room with the second Key.

Next, stand in between the Wall block to the right of FLAG and the Key, making Wall (object) IS Key (object), turning all the Walls into Keys. Now push the Key below you to the left to make FLAG IS WIN, and head back into the maze the same way you came.

Find your way to the Flag, and push the two Keys above it to the left to be able to approach it from above.

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Extra Level 1: Castle Disaster

A HUGE thank you to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) for help with this one!

First, we want to push WALL right and up to make WALL IS YOU. Next comes a lot of awkward manoeuvring but basically, this is how we want it to look…

I am yet to come up with a specific order on how to move things around in the most efficient way possible but to start off with, I moved right five times and down five times to keep a good separation of things.

The rest is all about trial and error and in the end, moving the Wall into Baba. Remember that you can use the Trees to manipulate the wall in certain ways, but you basically just want the text to be going down-left so that you can make that text sequence… good luck!

Extra Level 2: Hazel Den

A big thank you to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) for their help with Hazel Den!

Push SKULL on top of the bottom Flag.

Then push ROCK on top of the middle Flag and make FLAG IS PUSH.

Push the SKULL-Flag down so that it is just left of the middle Rock.

Then push the ROCK-Flag down and back up to make ROCK IS PUSH and pushing FLAG upwards.

Now make FLAG IS TELE.

Jump into an empty Flag and keep waiting until Baba is on the bottom Flag and both ROCK and SKULL are PUSH. This happens randomly, so it may happen the first time or it may take a little bit of patience.

When they are both on there, push to the right. The Skull will sink in the water. Wait for ROCK IS PUSH and push the Rock into the Water.

Once there is a clear path, make FLAG IS WIN.

Extra Level 3: Baba Has Keke

Many thanks to Kaynato#0001 for finding this solution!

Start by pushing PUSH down to make BELT IS PUSH. Now arrange the conveyor belts in the following way, making a circle: Place two left of the downward-facing static belt, both facing right, and the other two to the right of the upward-facing static belt, facing left. Put BABA HAS KEKE horizontally in the empty tiles between the belts.

Next, push SHIFT up so that PUSH is moved one tile up. Push it right, then up to where the conveyor belts are. Remake BELT IS SHIFT and push PUSH onto the belts, so that it causes a cycle to begin, changing between BABA HAS KEKE and KEKE HAS BABA.

When BABA HAS KEKE is active, walk Baba into the Lava to turn them into Keke so you can walk over it. Wait until the cycle changes to KEKE HAS BABA, and walk into the door to turn Keke into Baba again. Finally, wait for BABA HAS KEKE once more, and walk into the Lava to change Baba for Keke and walk over the Lava into the Flag.

Secret Level: Huh?

Thank you OJ Man and stl1988 for this one!

First, we’re going to need to get to this level. Note that you can only do this level after you have completed Level 07: Turn the Corner so that you can control a little Baba. In a nutshell, you want Baba to push the Rock so that you are able to get to it with the level selector.

Head up into the Grass and push FLAG so that it is two tiles above BABA.

Head down and push FLAG up next to IS.

Use IS FLAG as a bridge to get above WIN.

Push WIN down and to the right so that it is one tile to the left and three tiles below IS.

Push IS down once so that you can get to the left side of FLAG which you’ll need to push to the right twice next to STOP.

Push IS down twice.

Get to the left side of WIN IS and push them to the right so that they’re in line with BABA IS respectively.

Get underneath WIN IS and push them up to make FLAG IS WIN.

Secret Level 2: A Prize Well Earned

Credit of this one goes to Zyxyz, BlankDiploma and Ninja Frog Cat. Thank you!

There are two rewards that you can receive for this level; one is by getting the bonus and the other is by getting the win.


To get the Win, simply make BABA IS WIN vertically and you’ll win automatically.


For the bonus, make BABA IS BONUS. While it may seem like to wrong answer at first, the bonus orb is still adding to your count.

Secret Level 3: Orb

This level is super easy, it’s just getting here is the hard part. To do that, you’ll need to follow our instructions that we’ve laid out in Part 13: Depths.

Walk into the Orb and then into the Flag.

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