Baba is You Walkthrough Part 1: Overworld Map

Baba is You Walkthrough Part 1: Overworld Map
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Welcome to Part 1 of the Baba Is You walkthrough. We were very surprised as to how many levels there actually are in this game, so let’s start at the beginning (obviously) in the Overworld Map.

Level 1: Where Do I Go?

First up, we want to push STOP away so that the WALL is no longer STOP. This will allow you to run through it.

Now manoeuvre the blocks so that FLAG IS WIN and walk into the flag to complete the first level.

Level 2: Now What is This?

In this level, WALL IS YOU. Move to the left and push STOP away so that you can walk through the flags.

Push IS and WIN down so that they’re in-line FLAG so that it reads ‘FLAG IS WIN’ and then move into any flag to complete the level.

Level 3: Out of Reach

Push one of the rocks into the water so that it creates a gap.

Go through the gap and into the bottom-right area. Here, move PUSH out of the way and put WIN where it was so that ‘ROCK IS WIN’.

Now, go up and walk into the rock and that’s Level 3 done!

Level 4: Still Out of Reach

Push all three Rocks up so that you can get out.

Line the Rocks up and push them all at once so that it pushes the SKULL text to the right. Therefore, SKULL will no longer be DEFEAT.

Now, you can walk into the flag and beat the level.

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Level 5: Volcano

First off, move down a little and move all of ‘BABA IS YOU’ to the right.

Now manoeuvre the texts in order to spell out ‘LAVA IS PUSH’.

Now you’re basically a god! Move the Lava out of the way and walk into the Flag to win.

Level 6: Off Limits

Move down-right and push WALL down so that it is no longer STOP.

Make your way so that you are on the right side of WALL and push it to the left so that it pushes BABA out of the way and it is now ‘WALL IS YOU’.

Now you are every Wall icon (which is awesome), move down twice and you’ll interact with the flag and win.

Level 7: Grass Yard

For this level, note that there is no WALL IS STOP. So, you can move the text tiles around to your heart’s content. Here, we want to use the IS in BABA IS YOU twice. To do that, first move FLAG one tile above the IS and then move WIN just below the IS so that it spells FLAG IS WIN. Now you can walk into the Flag and beat the level.

This is the end of the initial levels, but there are still more to be solved on the Overworld Map, including…

A Way Out?

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), a lot of levels have been altered, therefore the solution below may not be correct anymore. We are working hard to get this updated but if you manage to solve this one before we do, we would greatly appreciate it if you could email us the solution at We will, of course, also provide credit for your efforts.

NB: Do NOT move the BELT IS SHIFT to the left yet, as you need the Belt in the upper right section.

First, move the ROCK in the upper right section down to the corridor near the two ice blocks. Push Keke along under that corridor, and through the left ice block so that he is lined up with the ROCK text horizontally.

Move Baba through the right ice block and push Keke into the Rock text so that both are pushed against the wall to the left. Exit out the top and return to the centre of the screen.

Next, move the KEKE text down to form KEKE IS MOVE. Now Keke will pace the corridor. You can now push the IS text in the top centre into that corridor via the Belt. Make sure you time it so that Keke comes along to push it into the ROCK text you put there earlier. Do the same for the remaining PUSH text to form ROCK IS PUSH.

Move the Rock below the centre down to allow access to the room with the skulls. Move the other Rock into the WIN text, forming FLAG IS WIN, and return to the centre where the Flag is.

Solution 2 (Thank you stl1988)

Whilst the first solution works just fine, Solution 2 is what you really want to be doing!

Do everything that we did above but instead of making FLAG IS WIN, you’ll want to push the Rock next to SKULL IS DEFEAT as far to the left as you can, then use BOX to make SKULL IS BOX.

Now go to the bottom-right and make ROCK IS WEAK.

Push the Rock at FLAG IS WIN as far to the right as you can and step on the Rock to destroy it. Now that you can walk over Boxes, take END and make FLAG IS END.

Step on the Flag, collect all of the white flowers and watch the beauty unfold before you!

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Level 08: Slideshow

Move left twice and up three time so that you are one tile above the upper wall.

Now run to the right until you are confident that you have run past the wall. Go down three times and run to the left until you run into the Flag.

Level 09: Fragile Existence

Solution 1: (BABA IS WIN)

Make KEY IS YOU vertically in combination with BABA IS YOU. Now use the walls to separate Baba and the Key so that you can make Baba push KEY right to break KEY IS YOU at the same moment that Key walks onto the Door.

Now the Key will sit motionless on top of the Door. Make KEY IS HOT to melt the Door (that’s how keys work, right?) and then remake KEY IS YOU so you can have the Key on the outside of the walls while Baba remains inside.

Bring MELT and IS inside and make WALL IS MELT, then use Baba to push HOT outside, and use the Key to push it back inside, so you can make LEVEL IS HOT. Now simply make BABA IS WIN.

Solution 2 (LEVEL IS BABA)

Make KEY IS YOU, then break BABA IS YOU and make LEVEL IS BABA going downwards.

Level 10: Hostile Environment

Position KEKE so he is still below DEFEAT, but facing upward.

Next, make FLAG IS PUSH, and position the Flag beneath Keke. Now make KEKE HAS BABA, then, using the same KEKE, horizontally make KEKE IS WEAK AND MOVE.

Wait for Keke to push DEFEAT all the way up, then come down and collide with the Flag, creating a new Baba. Now that that area is clear, make FLAG IS WIN and go back down to run into the Flag…

HOWEVER, our aim to continue onwards with the game is a little different. Instead of making FLAG IS WIN, we want to make LEVEL IS FLAG by pushing IS right and down, then manoeuvring FLAG over to the left.

Once that’s done, the game will take you out into the Overworld Map and instead of a 10 representing the level, it’ll now be a Flag. Move the little Baba over to the Flag, taking you to a new area.

Level ?

Solution 1: Walk right.

Solution 2: Walk left until TEXT IS HIDE is broken. Break ORB IS HIDE and make ORB IS BONUS. Walk into the Orb, then into the Flag.

Solution 3: Walk left until TEXT IS HIDE is broken. Underneath FLAG, make FLAG IS BONUS, then walk into the Flag.

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