Australian Nintendo Switch Releases (April 9, 2018)

Australian Nintendo Switch Releases (April 9, 2018)
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Hey Switchaboos! We have a packed week of releases for the Nintendo Switch! With games like Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs – Royal Edition and Asdivine Hearts, JRPG fans are certainly catered to this week, as well as an indie classic with Don’t Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition. But will they be our Pick of the Week? Let’s find out…


Note: All prices are in AUD and all release dates are for the Australian eShop. Also, releases can still be subjected to change after the release of this update.


The Bunker

Release Date 09/04/18

Price $19.50

Developed By Splendy Games / Wales Interactive

Published By Wales Interactive Ltd.

Genre Adventure

Required Space 2.4 GB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / Mac / PS4 / Xbox One

The Bunker is a multi-award winning FMV game that stars Adam Brown and Sarah Greene in a live-action psychological horror game. John is the last remaining survivor in a nuclear bunker. As an alarm sounds, John is pulled away from his daily routine and is thrown into an inner world of chaos and repressed childhood memories.


Masters of Anima

Release Date 10/04/18

Price $29.95 (Pre-Order for 10% Off: $26.95)

Developed By Passtech Games

Published By Focus Home Interactive

Genre Adventure / Strategy

Required Space 998 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / PS4 / Xbox One

This game is an original adventure game that takes place in the magical world of Spark. Play as Otto, an apprentice of Anima gifted with incredible powers who must battle against forces of evil in strategic, action-packed battles and save your betrothed who has been taken captive by Zahr and his fearsome Golems.


Super Daryl Deluxe

Release Date 10/04/18

Price $30.00

Developed By Dan & Gary Games

Published By Dan & Gary Games

Genre RPG / Action

Required Space 5.4 GB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / PS4

Super Daryl Deluxe is referred to as an SPGvania game with brawler style combat set in a perfectly normal, sprawling, multi-dimensional high school. With adrenaline-pumping music, wacky characters and a dark and intriguing plot, this game is certainly a unique experience to add to the list.


Deep Ones

Release Date 11/04/18

Price $7.50 (Pre-Order for 10% Off: $6.75)

Developed By Sometimes You

Published By Sometimes You

Genre Platformer / Arcade / Adventure / Puzzle

Required Space 256 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC

Deep Ones has you playing as a deep-sea diver who has suffered a crash on his submarine at the ‘hands’ of the great red octopus. This retro arcade-platformer is inspired by ZX Spectrum and the works of H. P. Lovecraft. With a compelling and philosophical plot complimented by classic arcade gameplay, Deep Ones is a game that will pull on the nostalgia strings of any retro gamer.



Release Date 11/04/18

Price $18.00

Developed By Mode4

Published By Plug In Digital

Genre Fighting / Party / Arcade / Shooter

Required Space 251 MB

Players 1 – 4

Also Released On PC / Xbox One

This game set in the wild west takes inspirations from the Bomberman series as you bomb your way through hordes of enemies in a solo adventure with procedurally generated levels, character progression and skill upgrades. There is also a multiplayer mode for 4-player deathmatch mayhem!


Word Search by POWGI

Release Date 12/04/18

Price $11.99

Developed By Lightwood Games

Published By Lightwood Games

Genre Puzzle / Party / Education / Study

Required Space 251 MB

Players 1 – 4

Players (Online / Local Wireless) 2-4

Also Released On Nintendo 3DS

Word Search by POWGI is as the name suggests. With over 300 puzzles to solve alone or with friends and family, this game is a must for any word search enthusiast. Connect extra controllers, go online or use local wireless to solve the puzzle as a team or compete for the best score.


Burly Men at Sea

Release Date 12/04/18

Price $15.00

Developed By Brain & Brain / Seaven Studio

Published By Plug In Digital

Genre Other / Adventure / Puzzle / Board Game

Required Space 209 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / Mac / iOS / Android / PS4 / PS Vita

Burly Men at Sea is an adventure puzzle game set in the waters of early 20th-century Scandinavia. Play as storyteller and wayfinder and encounter various creatures from folklore. With branching story paths and innovative controls, this game brings forth a whole new style of gameplay for anyone to enjoy.


#Breakforcist Battle

Release Date 12/04/18

Price $12.99

Published By Lucid Sheep Games

Genre Arcade / Party / Puzzle / Action

Required Space 393 MB

Players 1 – 4

#Breakforcist Battle combines the classic Breakout formula with… breakfast? Play solo or with up to four friends and family as you compete to clear the waves as soon as you can. With all-new attack powerups that you can launch at your foes, coupled with an intense adrenaline-pumping soundtrack, this game is perfect for parties and for gamers who love fast-paced retro-inspired action.


Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Bad Dudes

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find an official trailer for Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Bad Dudes. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Release Date 12/04/18

Price $12.99

Developed By Flying Tiger Entertainment, Inc.

Published By FTE Games

Genre Action / Arcade / Fighting / Multiplayer

Required Space 57.0 MB

Players 1 – 2

Also Released On Arcade

This game recreates the classic arcade fighting genre in this side-scrolling brawler. President Ronnie has been kidnapped by ninjas, and the Bad Dudes must pursue the ninjas through the New York City streets.


Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs – Royal Edition

Release Date 12/04/18

Price $39.99

Developed By Pixelated Milk

Published By Crunching Koalas

Genre RPG / Strategy / Adventure / Other

Required Space 1.4 GB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / PS4

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs is a critically acclaimed tactical RPG requires you to rebuild your kingdom and battle fearsome enemies with a cast of colorful characters. Packed with hours of demanding gameplay and tons of humor to boot, Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs is absolutely one to have on your radar for any JRPG fan.


Don’t Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition

Release Date 12/04/18

Price $25.00

Developed By Kiel Entertainment

Published By Kiel Entertainment

Genre Adventure

Required Space 1.1 GB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / Linux / iOS / Android / PS3 / PS4 / PS Vita / Xbox One / Wii U

Play as Wilson, a Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Survive the challenges that come your way and learn to use the environment and surroundings to your advantage. The Nintendo Switch edition comes with the Reign of Giants expansion includes new characters, seasons, creatures, biomes and more.


Rogue Aces

Release Date 12/04/18

Price $19.50

Developed By Infinite State Games

Published By Curve Digital

Genre Arcade / Action / Shooter

Required Space 125 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PS4 / PS Vita / Xbox One

In this arcade Shmup, join the Rogue Aces and liberate the islands from The Baron and his dreaded pilots. Rogue Aces has frequent in-game voice acting the make the experience feel that much more authentic and exhilarating.


The Adventure Pals

Release Date 12/04/18

Price $22.50

Developed By Massive Monster

Published By Armor Games

Genre Platformer / Adventure / Puzzle / Action

Required Space 1.4 GB

Players 1 – 2

Also Released On PC / PS4 / Xbox One

The Adventure Pals is a story of love, giraffes and hot dogs. This game combines the feel of the old school platformers that we know and love with a wacky cartoon art style. Set out to save the world and your dad from turning into hot dogs with your best friends (a giraffe and a rock).


Asdivine Hearts

Release Date 04/12/18

Price $12.99

Developed By Exe Create Inc.

Published By Kemco

Genre RPG / Adventure / Simulation / Strategy

Required Space 199 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / iOS / Android / PS4 / Wii U

If you’re a fan of JRPGs from 8 & 16 Bit eras, then Asdivine Hearts will certainly tickle at your nostalgia bone. With a captivating story, a colorful cast of characters (including a talking cat) and a tonne of variety in combat, Asdivine Hearts is another top pick for any JRPG fan.


Gal*Gun 2

Release Date 13/04/18

Price $75.00


Published By Pqube

Genre Adventure / Arcade / Action / First-Person Shooter

Required Space 3.1 GB

Players 1

Also Released On PS4

In this crazy shooter, use your Pheromone Shot gadget to rid swarms of girls from their demon possessions. Receive quests from love-struck girls and satisfy their demands in the game that may or may not feature a touch of fan service here and there (or everywhere).


Penny-Punching Princess

Release Date 14/04/18

Price $59.95

Published By NIS America

Genre Action

Required Space 915 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PS Vita

Penny-Punching Princess is an isometric brawler that takes place in a world ruled by capitalism. Choose to either fight or bribe your way to reclaiming your kingdom for the greedy Dragoloans.


Switchaboo Pick of the Week

With what seems like something for everyone this week, it’s difficult to narrow it down because it can really come down to personal preference. But week in week out, we have to have a Pick of the Week, and it is…


Drum roll, please…

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs – Royal Edition!

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs - Royal Edition

Credit Crunching Koalas

We at Switchaboo didn’t actually know about Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs until this week, but we’re surprised that it hasn’t had more attention from fans.

Regalia: of Men and Monarchs is a turn based strategy RPG that looks very similar to titles such as Fire Emblem and Disgaea. With great reviews and amazing art, Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs seems like a no-brainer to any fan of the genre.


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