Ageless - Remnant Boss Guide

Ageless - Remnant Boss Guide
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The Ageless Remnant boss kicks the game’s difficulty up a notch with its long roots firing out at you with barely a moment’s notice. So we’ve put a little guide together to get you onto the next level.

The first thing to note is that the Remnant boss will either fling out two trunks at a time or rapidly one after the other. Usually it’ll be one from the left side and another from the right, but that’s not a guarantee, so always be vigilant. You’ll know which trunks its sending out by the bulbs that are parallel with its head blossoming into flowers.

Jump upward, being mindful of where the trunks are going to sprout from. You’re not racing anyone, so take your time and have your main focus on avoid the trunks. You can also use the trunks as points to wall jump from, which saved me a couple times in a pinch.

Once you head up the initial platforms, head up the left side, use the plant to bounce to the right and when you’re near the right plant, use your Ageless gift to propel yourself upward as shown below.

Now use the right plant up here to propel yourself leftward and use your Ageless gift again upward so that you can wall jump to the waterfall.

Here, you need to ride the whale up the waterfall and lean into either the left or right side. Before reaching the top but only once there’s room to do so, jump toward the hanging flower. Use your Ageless gift on the flower in midair and launch yourself upward.

Up here, you may notice that there is a checkpoint water fountain in the middle. You actually don’t need to run through, rather simply keep heading up the tree and it will activate automatically.

Use the next hanging flower to propel yourself upward again and when you get up to the the pool of water with the whale in it, you’ll need to short a de-ageing arrow at it to revert it to stage 3. Ride the whale to the left or right so that it’s not underneath thorns, jump back onto the edge of the pool and shoot an ageing arrow at it to turn it back to a stage 4 whale.

I have to reiterate here as there are a lot of steps: it’s not a race; be sure to keep an eye on the trunks from above and make avoiding them your top priority.

With the whale at stage 4 and not underneath thorns, you can now jump onto the whale and bounce upward, past the spikiness.

Once you’re propelled upward, use your Ageless gift again with the hanging flowers to launch yourself to the side wall. Wall jump upward, jump on the whale in the pool, use the hanging flower and land on solid ground.

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From here, run to the right, wall jump off the wall and get to the small floating platform. Wait until the coast is clear and jump toward the hanging flower, using your Ageless gift again to get to the left. Make your way upward, use the floppy eared plant to launch yourself to the right and use your Ageless gift on the second one to launch yourself upward.

Up here, ride the whale up the waterfall whilst avoiding the trunks coming at you. When you reach the top, have the whale bounce you upward and land on one of the platforms. Ride the next whale upward as well and when you’re bounced upward again, press the Y button on the Ageless Remnant boss and launch yourself upward.

When you walk inside the tree, you’ll activate another checkpoint (hallelujah!).

Inside, make your way up the platforms as quickly as possible from left to right. Once you wall jump up to a room with thorns and floppy ear plants, bounce to the right from the first plant, left from the second plant and use your Ageless gift on the hanging flower up-left.

From here, wall jump upward to the next waterfall, ride the whale upward whilst avoiding the platforms, jump off to the left and use your Ageless gift on the hanging plant in the up-left direction so that you can cling onto the left wall and wall jump upward.

Ride the next whale up the waterfall again, get off to the right, make your way up the platforms and there will be a stage 4 plant up there. Have it propel yourself upward in the middle and then lend on the floppy eared plant’s left ear to propel yourself to the left platform.

When you land on that platform, wait for the stage 4 plant to launch yourself upward again because you don’t want to wall jump and hit the thorns.

In midair, use the wall to the left to wall jump off of and land in the middle in the gap between the thorns. Then, use your Ageless gift on the flower upward. Up here, jump upward and use the right wall to wall jump into the next hanging flower where you can use your Ageless gift again to launch leftward past the waterfall pool filled with thorns and toward the far left waterfall with the whale in it.

Ride that whale upward, jump off to the right, Ageless gift on the hanging flower rightward, bounce off of the stage 4 whale, climb up, ride the whale up the waterfall, use the Ageless gift on boss’s face upward and you’ve done it!

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