3 Minutes to Midnight Successfully Reaches its Kickstarter Goal

3 Minutes to Midnight Successfully Reaches its Kickstarter Goal
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Just over a week ago, we featured 3 Minutes to Midnight as our Kickstarter Project of the Week. Scarecrow Studio are happy to announce that the game has now been successfully funded with just a few days to spare.

Pro tip: Listen to this when you’re having a bad day!

Here’s what Scarecrow Studio had to say:

3 Minutes to Midnight, a comedy adventure game developed by Barcelona based Scarecrow Studio, is receiving a great response on Kickstarter raising over 53.000€. The funding goal has been reached a few days ago thanks to over 800 backers from around the world.
The developers would like to express their sincere gratitude and 
want to thank everyone who supported this project—3 Minutes to Midnight will be released next year thanks to your help!

The crowdfunding campaign has been updated with an ambitious set of stretch goals which include: 

Additional localization (Russian, Czech, Portuguese, and Polish);

A comic book detailing the backstory of one of the most prominent characters;

The director’s commentary promising full disclosure about everything that went on behind the scenes of the making of this game.

Now, with 48 hours remaining on the countdown of this particular doomsday clock, it’s only a matter of time before the exclusive and limited rewards vanish as they’re taken up by fans and (not only) big box collectors… or lost forever into the deepest parts of the Internet because there will be no other place where to get them. They are, after all, Kickstarter exclusive rewards.

The gamers have now the last chance to pre-order 3 Minutes to Midnight at a special price by selecting one of the pledge tiers on the Kickstarter campaign page.

Source: Scarecrow Studio PR