Hey Switchaboos, we have a packed week of 16 games releasing! There are some pretty notable titles here, such as: Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition, Little Nightmares Complete Edition, The Banner Saga and Battle Chasers: Nightwar. But there are more than that, so let’s get into it…


Note: All prices are in AUD and all release dates are for the Australian eShop. Also, releases can still be subjected to change after the release of this update.


Never Stop

Release Date 14/05/18

Price $7.50

Published By Pixelsplit

Rating G

Genre Arcade / Racing / Party / Action

Required Space 59.0 MB

Players 1 – 4

Also Released On PC / Mac / Linux / PS4 / iOS / Android

Roll, jump and never stop moving. The longer you move without getting stopped, the more points you’ll get. With simplistic art and quick gameplay, Never Stop is a fun and addictive game that doesn’t over promise.


The Mystery of the Hudson Case

Release Date 14/05/18

Price $6.60

Developed By Magic Frame Studios S.L

Published By Magic Frame Studios

Rating G

Genre Puzzle / Adventure

Required Space 170 MB

Players 1

Also Released On Android

This point and click adventure is set in 1979 and controlling a daring journalist who wishes to investigate on his own. Uncover the mystery of the Hudson family with great graphics, many puzzles to solve and an incredible soundtrack.


Splitter Critters

Release Date 15/05/18

Price $6.99

Published By RAC7

Rating G

Genre Puzzle

Required Space 119 MB

Players 1

Also Released On iOS / Android

Splitter Critters is an award-winning freeform puzzle game that requires you to split and rearrange the world to bring faraway platforms together. Solve puzzles, explore the colorful world and listen to each world’s immersive sounds composed by A Shell in the Pit.


The Adventures of Elena Temple

Release Date 15/05/18

Price $7.99 (Pre-Order for 10% off: $7.19)

Developed By GrimTalin

Published By GRIMTALIN

Rating PG

Genre Platformer / Puzzle / Adventure / Arcade

Required Space 94.0 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC

This fun puzzle platformer is for any fan of the Game Boy… it even has a fun borders and color themes for it. With over 50 rooms to explore at your choosing, there is plenty of fun to be had in this trip down nostalgia lane.


Wizard of Legend

Release Date 15/05/18

Price $25.99

Published By Humble Bundle

Rating PG

Genre Arcade / Action / Adventure

Required Space 379 MB

Players 1 – 2

Also Released On PC / PS4 / Xbox One

Wizard of Legend is a fast-paced dungeon crawler with over 100 unique spells to unlock. You can unleash devastating spell combinations and control minions to do the fighting for you, it’s your choice!


Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Release Date 15/05/18

Price $59.95

Developed By Airship Syndicate

Published By THQ Nordic

Rating M

Genre RPG / Action

Required Space 2.6 GB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / PS4 / Xbox One

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is inspired by many past JRPGs with a rich story and traditional turn-based combat. The game is based off of a comic book of the same name and requires you to use each hero’s unique dungeon skills to survive.


Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Release Date 17/05/18

Price $35.00 (Pre-order for 10% off: $31.50)

Developed By Prideful Sloth

Published By Prideful Sloth

Rating G

Genre Adventure / Simulation / Lifestyle / RPG

Required Space 1.3 GB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / PS4

Thi stunning game allows you to explore a natural island paradise with eight distinct environments ranging from tropical beaches to snow-capped summits. Seek out the Sprites and use their power to clear the Murk and restore nature’s beauty.


Fairune Collection

Release Date 17/05/18

Price $17.99

Developed By SKIPMORE

Published By Flyhigh Works

Rating G

Genre Adventure / RPG / Shooter

Required Space 100 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC

Fairune Collection features four games: Fairune, Fairune 2, Fairune Origin and Fairune Blast. The first three titles are retro-inspired adventure RPGs that has you embarking on heroic journeys and perilous quests. Fairune Origin is first releasing within this collection and is a short but fun adventure that shows just how SKIPMORE conceptualised the gameplay of the Fairune and Fairune 2. Fairune Blast is a game to unlock and is a colorful shoot ‘em up.


FRAMED Collection

Release Date 17/05/18

Price $15.00 (Pre-order for 10% off: $13.50)

Published By Surprise Attack

Rating G

Genre Puzzle / Adventure

Required Space 1.0 GB

Players 1

Also Released On PC

The FRAMED Collection features both FRAMED and FRAMED 2. The games require you to rearrange the panels of an animated comic book in order to craft your own version of a noir-style spy adventure.


White Night

Release Date 17/05/18

Price $22.50

Developed By Osome Studio

Published By Plug In Digital

Rating MA15+

Genre Adventure / Action / Puzzle

Required Space 999 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / Mac / Linux / PS4 / Xbox One / iOS / Android

White Night has you exploring the mast of an old mansion in the 1930s. Solve puzzles based on light and shadows in this survival horror game. Dark entities lurk in the shadows, so always be careful of your next move.


The Banner Saga


Release Date 17/05/18

Price $30.00

Developed By Stoic

Published By Versus Evil

Rating M

Genre Strategy / RPG

Required Space 3.1 GB

Players 1

Play through an epic Viking saga that has you making choices that directly affect your personal journey. The Banner Saga is a strategy RPG that allows you to drive your own narrative with beautiful 2D graphics and stunning cutscenes. Your unique experience will also carry over to the next part of the story in The Banner Saga 2 and The Banner Saga 3 planned to be released later this year.



Release Date 17/05/18

Price $13.80

Developed By Digital Kingdom

Published By Digital Kingdom

Rating G

Genre Arcade / Party / Action / Puzzle

Required Space 105 MB

Players 2 – 4

Invisiballs is a Nintendo Switch exclusive that is made to be played with friends and family. The game takes place on a shared screen from a top-down perspective. Everyone must control an invisible ball inside a maze and be the first to capture a golden artifact.


Ice Cream Surfer

Release Date 17/05/18

Price $12.00

Published By Dolores Ent.

Rating G

Genre Shooter / Arcade / Action / Adventure

Required Space 1.1 GB

Players 1 – 2

Also Released On PC / Wii U

Play in a world where kids hate vegetables and love ice cream… a bit of a stretch, I know. In Ice Cream Surfer, ride ice cream cones and shoot Ice Cream balls with pure cooling energy. The game features six different worlds, five different characters and two-player couch co-op.


Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition

Release Date 18/05/18

Price $79.95


Published By Nintendo

Rating M

Genre Action / Adventure

Required Space 12.9 GB

Players 1 – 2

Also Released On Wii U / Nintendo 3DS

Hyrule Warriors is making its way to the Nintendo Switch! Battle through hordes of enemies as your favorite Legend of Zelda characters with all characters and maps from the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS version. Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition also features Breath of the Wild Link and Zelda to play as.


Little Nightmares Complete Edition

Release Date 18/05/18

Price $55.95

Developed By Tarsier Studios

Published By Bandai Namco Entertainment

Rating M

Genre Adventure / Puzzle / Action

Required Space 2.9 GB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / PS4 / Xbox One

Little Nightmares is a dark and whimsical tale that allows you to confront your fears as you help Six and The Kid escape a vast, mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal. The game is a spooky puzzle platformer that requires you to use your wits and keep your cool. This version also features HD Rumble as well as being able to scan the Pac-Man Amiibo to obtain the Paku Mask.


Henry The Hamster Handler

Release Date 18/05/18

Price $4.20

Published By Pocket Money Games

Rating PG

Genre Arcade / Puzzle

Required Space 223 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC (HTC Vive)

Henry The Hamster Handler is played from a first-person perspective and allows you to join the team at Hamster Inc. and ensure that the hamsters survive all of the near death experiences.


Switchaboo Pick of the Week

Quite a packed week of releases here, as well as some very notable releases. However we can only pick one game, and that game is…

Drum roll, please…


Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition!

Hyrule Warriors

Credit Nintendo

We tried to consider a different game than a Wii U/3DS port, but Hyrule Warriors is just such a stellar game with hundreds of hours of content hidden within.

The Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition is truly the version to get for any Legend of Zelda fan. This game pays homage to so many classic Legend of Zelda games, and it’s so heartwarming to see classic Game Boy version characters fight it out in Full HD.


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