16 Third Party Games We Would Like to See on Switch

16 Third Party Games We Would Like to See on Switch
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Nintendo has always struggled with receiving third party support on their home consoles ever since the Nintendo 64 era. However with the success of the Switch, the system has received an influx of third party titles.

When the Switch was still referred to as the NX, third party companies weren’t sure whether to support the system as the Wii U was such a commercial failure. That being said, the Switch has certainly proven itself to be a successful console and developers are taking notice. So we thought that a list of all the third party titles that we would like to see on the Switch would be fitting as a lot of rumours are beginning to surface.

So without further ado, here are 16 third party games we would like to see on the Nintendo Switch…



Fallout 4

Bethesda have shown unwavering support on the Switch and their games have featured frequently in the Nintendo eShop’s Best Sellers lists. With Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Doom and Wolfenstein 2: A New Colossus (soon to be released), we think that the Fallout franchise would be a perfect fit.

Some may argue that the Switch might not be powerful enough to support a current gen open world game, however Bethesda are masters of optimization and we believe that the payout would be well worth the effort.

That and the possibility of a Vault Boy Amiibo makes us truly excited.


Fortnite/PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

Third party fortnite-vs-pubg

Credit CNET

Battle royale games have quickly taken the video game community by storm. Now we know that we’ve cheated a bit here with two titles, but we think of it as a race to see who can put their game on the Switch first. That being said, Player’s Unknown Battleground is a timed console exclusive on the Xbox One, so this is the perfect time to strike for those at Epic Games with Fortnite.

Recently, Black Riddles Studio has shown off footage of a battle royale mode in their game Crazy Justice running on the Switch, so their may be a third contender for first battle royale game on a Nintendo console.


Tomb Raider Series

Third Party Tomb Raider

Credit Square Enix

Yes, we’re cheating again, but it’s our list. Tomb Raider has been a popular franchise since the PS1 era and has seen a healthy resurgence in the last decade.

Lara Croft’s death defying adventures would be an absolute joy to play on the go. It is a very cinematic series that is perfect for long commutes.

If you’re worried about the power of the Switch, remember that the first new title was released on the Xbox 360 which was significantly less powerful in comparison to the Switch.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

Third Party south park the stick of truth

Credit Ubisoft

In the most recent Nintendo Direct, South Park: The Fractured But Whole was announced for the Switch with a release date of April 24th. However as soon as that game was announced, everybody expected another announcement of the first instalment, but it never came.

South Park: The Stick of truth actually feels like a better fit on the Switch as turn-based RPGs are such grindy games so taking them on the go just makes sense. That and it is a great way to resell the first game at full price. Now if Ubisoft are to release it after the sequel, full price won’t be easy to justify.

Ubisoft is one of the most devoted third party company for Nintendo and The Stick of Truth just seems like an obvious port, so why not?


The Sims 4

Third Party The Sims 4

Credit Electronic Arts

The Sims phenomenon has been a best seller for decades and is no stranger to console ports, despite being predominantly played on PC. That being said, the latest instalment, The Sims 4, has recently received a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release and we feel as though the Switch release is right around the corner.

A Switch port of The Sims 4 could also feature some exclusive handheld touchscreen features and even HD Rumble. Imagine as your Sim washes their hands you feel the running water through your Joy-Cons? Or trapping your sim in a doorless room and setting them on fi… uhh, maybe not.

The only downside is EA has not been very convincing of their third party support for the Switch, but they can’t continue to ignore the recent success of the Switch.


The Witness

This title is a gorgeous puzzle game that is perfect to play in bite-sized chunks. Every puzzle game seems like a perfect fit on the Switch as you could solve each puzzle on the odd bus ride to work, school, etc.

That being said, Thekla Inc. are made up of a very small team, but the work for a Switch port could always be palmed off to another studio. Our fingers remain crossed.


Life is Strange

Visual tell-tale style video games are a perfect fit for the Switch, appealing to those who wish to turn off all of the lights and emerge themselves in the story or to those who would like to watch it in short bursts on their commute to their daily commitments.

Life is Strange is a wonderfully moving game that has captured many hearts. It isn’t a graphically intense game, so running it on the Switch shouldn’t be an issue. It is also developed and published by Square Enix who have stated that they are committed to supporting the Switch.


Dragon Ball FighterZ


This fighter is the closest recreation to the anime that we have ever seen and was certainly a victim to the classic “why not Switch?” comment.

Some may argue that the game is too graphically intensive for the Switch, but fighting games usually don’t require too much horsepower. The main issue would be whether Nintendo’s current online service could keep up, as we all know how frustrating lag can be in precision based fighters.

Dragon Ball games are no strangers to Nintendo consoles, and it was recently reported that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has already outsold the PS4 version. That being said, the development for Dragon Ball FighterZ had most likely began well before the NX dev kits were sent out, so a potential port is most likely on the way some time in the future.



Third Party Overwatch

Credit Blizzard

Blizzard’s newest phenomenon features a much brighter art style that seems to fit right at home on a Nintendo platform. When the characters for Arms were announced, many fans noted that they had an appeal similar to the characters in Overwatch.

Blizzard’s Overwatch proposes similar potential issues that Dragon Ball FighterZ has since the game is predominantly online and we are still waiting to hear more about Nintendo’s new online service.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Third Party The Witcher 3

Credit CD Projekt Red

Now this one is asking a lot of the Switch.

The Witcher 3’s expansive open world, coupled with beautiful realistic graphics, can be very demanding and the Switch is considerably less powerful than their competitions’ consoles.

That being said, open world adventure games have proven to be very popular on the Switch with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim being top sellers in the charts. CD Projekt Red struck gold with The Witcher 3 and we believe that having it on the Switch will only bolster its popularity.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Third Party resident-evil-7-biohazard

Credit Capcom

Nintendo platforms aren’t a stranger to the Resident Evil franchise. Even now, the Switch has two Resident Evil Games with Resident Evil Revelations and Resident Evil Revelations 2.

In saying that, Resident Evil 7 may be difficult to port the Switch as it is much more graphically intensive than the Revelations games. However, Capcom requested to Nintendo that the Switch (known as the NX at the time) should contain more ram, to which Nintendo complied; so take of that what you will.


Assassin’s Creed Origins

Ubisoft’s most notorious IP has made its way to Nintendo’s home consoles in the past and Ubisoft has gone on record to say that they are committed to supporting Nintendo’s newest system.

The only thing holding it back would be how graphically demanding the newest installment is. Ubisoft spent an extra year to get this game to be as beautiful as possible, so a Switch port would be a long time away, if at all. But could you imagine exploring Ancient Egypt on the go? Pure bliss.


Grand Theft Auto V

Third Party GTAV

Credit Rockstar Games

Would you be surprised to hear that GTAV is still one of the best selling games to this day? I mean, this game was initially released five years ago and it is still as popular as ever. That’s insane!

Rockstar haven’t played nice with Nintendo in past, but the Switch did receive a port of LA Noire within the console’s first year, so it’s not impossible.

The game also wouldn’t be held back by technical limitations as the game was initially released on the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 generation. It would just have to be uniquely optimised for the Switch’s hardware.


Final Fantasy XV

The Final Fantasy series first begun on the Famicom in 1987 and was synonymous with Nintendo all the way up until Final Fantasy VI. But then, something terrible happened. Square Soft had shifted development of their main Final Fantasy entries onto the original PlayStation and Nintendo hasn’t seen a new mainline Final Fantasy game since (aside from remakes of the first four games on handheld consoles).

There have been hints of Final Fantasy XV coming to the Switch. At a Twitch event, a developer said that they are looking to bring it to a console that rhymes with “Twitch” – hmm, a real brain teaser that one is. That being said, the Switch may not get the full version release and might receive the mobile Pocket Edition instead. But either way, Final Fantasy XV may already be planned for the Switch.


Kingdom Hearts 3

Third Party Kingdom Hearts 3

Credit Square Enix

What? We never said the game had to be out yet to be on this list. Kingdom Hearts is another series that is no stranger to being on Nintendo systems. As stated before, Square Enix are dedicated to supporting the Switch and the Kingdom Hearts franchise has been on many different consoles despite being most commonly associated with Sony’s PlayStation consoles.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is also developed in Unreal Engine 4 which the Nintendo Switch is specialised in supporting. However, the game has been in development for a long time so delaying it further to see a simultaneous Switch release doesn’t seem like a wise business move. If Kingdom Hearts 3 was to come to the Switch, we can see it being a similar story to Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest XI where Square Enix looks into porting it to the Switch at a much later date.


Diablo 3

Nintendo systems haven’t seen a Blizzard game since Starcraft 64 on the Nintendo 64 that released almost 18 years ago, so they’re not a big third party developer for Nintendo. However, Blizzard did hint at Diablo 3 coming to the Switch with this little teaser on their Twitter account…

Third Party Diablo 3 Switch

Credit Blizzard

Blizzard were quick to dismiss the theories that this meant a Diablo 3 release was imminent, however a few days later, many sources claimed that the game is in fact planned to come to the Switch. There is a lot of back and forth on this one, but we believe that big developers like Blizzard can’t just ignore the Switch’s success.


What do you think? Are there any third party games on this list that you’d like to see on the Switch? Perhaps all of them? Or even if there are some third party games that we haven’t listed. Let us know in the comments section below.

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