Quick Guide to Read Before Playing This is the Police 2

Quick Guide to Read Before Playing This is the Police 2
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This is the Police 2 can be a little ambiguous when it comes to explaining things, and you may find yourself confused a few hours into the game. But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with 10 tips…

Recruit as many officers as you can

In the beginning of This is the Police 2, you may be tempted to hold out and save your beer can tabs in order to buy the more expensive officers, but from what we can tell, the amount that you spend doesn’t seem to drastically affect their stats. Instead, buy as many officers as you possibly can, because as This is the Police 2 progresses, you will need as many that you can get. Future days become increasingly hectic with multiple calls at once, some officers won’t show up to work or will want to take a day off (depending on their loyalty towards you), some will have to be set to a specific task, some may be injured (leaving them to be in hospital for a few days), and some may even die. So yes, get as many as you possibly can.

This is the Police 2 Guide

At the start of each day, make sure that you assign each item to the correct officer

You may be tempted to just click “align items” and be done with it, but this is done at complete random. So what’s the point in giving an officer that has no skill points in Shooting a taser and ammo? You’ll want to make sure that your strong officers have a baton and your good shooters have a taser and spare ammo.

This is the Police 2 Guide

Have some specialists and some all-rounders

I’d recommend making the high-ranking officers the specialists as they can easily either go on a call by themselves or with one or two units and take on nearly any situation. However with the lower-ranking officers, you can’t exactly rely on them with many tasks as they won’t have enough skill points. But if you make them specialists in a specific skill, you can think strategically and choose to use them at the right moment.

This is the Police 2 Guide This is the Police 2 Guide

Note: You can upgrade a stat once a unit hits a multiple of 50 star points, and the officer who completes the task will receive 30 whilst the ones who simply came along for the ride will only receive 10.

Keep your officers happy and loyal to you

Keeping your officers happy seems like a full-time job in itself. Heck, they should have called this game This is the Boss Simulator 2. Keeping your officers happy will make them more likely to come into work, more likely to carry out certain missions and tasks, and you’ll be able to control them during combat (that’s right, if an officer isn’t loyal to you, they will fight on their own will during combat – and their AI is terrible!). You can keep them happy by agreeing to most of their requests, spending money on perks and benefits and completing mysteries which will in turn provide benefits. You will know if an officer is happy and loyal to you if their avatar portrait is wearing a police hat.

This is the Police 2 Guide

At the beginning when you have officers to spare, send out as many as you can in order to give them experience, but don’t leave yourself short

It’s a risk-reward strategy, so the best time to do it is when This is the Police 2 is at it’s easiest. You can send up to six officers on a single call, but the max we’d ever recommend is three (maybe 4). The officer who does the action to catch the offender will receive 30 star points, whilst the rest will receive 10. But it’s better for those to receive the 10 points and just join in on the ride than to do nothing at all. When doing this, you’d want to send in an experienced officer who has nice all-round stats so that they’re equipped to handle any situation and work on making your less experienced officers into specialists.

Try to take the peaceful approach when taking calls

When taking the peaceful approach, you can avoid killing people and avoid a beer can tabs penalty. However, you may have to be forceful if the suspect is dangerous or threatening to a point of no return, but we’d still recommend using the taser or shocker in most circumstances should the need arrive. Basically don’t stab anyone with the big knife or straight out shoot them.

This is the Police 2 Guide

Keep track of each officer’s perks and plan accordingly

As you are about to head into combat, you will need to assign four perks to your officers. This may be a slow process, and you may just want to dive straight into the action, but we recommend taking your time and thinking strategically. Think about whether you’ll be needing someone to pick a lock or break a door down, consider who might act as a scout who will benefit from further sight and having a better chance of moving undetected. This will be easier if you have gathered intel and gaining information about the layout of the scene.

This is the Police 2 Guide

Also remember that if an officer isn’t loyal to you, then they will act on their own free will. So if you need to use these officers, perhaps give them perks that will act without needing to be activated (such as camouflage which allows for better cover behind smaller objects and better odds to dodge bullets).

Make sure you solve the mysteries and assign units with high intelligence to uncover clues and frames

Don’t ignore these challenges. When you solve these mysteries, a victim (or somebody affiliated with the victim) will show their gratitude in some form or another. This will either make your officers happier, or you’ll be granted with some other reward. You’ll want to send out your officers with the most Intelligence, so we’d recommend having a few officers aside that are maxed out in Intelligence specifically for this purpose; that way you’re not taking away other officers who will be more beneficial for callout missions.

Also, try to look at the clues straight away. You might even be able to figure out who the culprit is with the minimal information given to you at the start. That way, you can send one officer to uncover the rest of the frames on the correct suspect, saving you from wasting precious days on the other.

In combat, your primary focus should be to keep as many of your officers alive and uninjured as possible

This seems like a no-brainer, but hear us out. We recently stated how important officers are and that you will need plenty of them. In combat, you may be tempted to go in guns blazing, or attempt a Hail Mary all-or-nothing maneuver. But try to play on the safe side and spare as many units as possible. When shooting units, aim for either the chest or hand to force the enemy to drop their weapons and try not to take the risk on a headshot unless it’s practically a sure thing. Also, the silencer perk is very handy for taking out units and going undetected longer.

This is the Police 2 Guide

Sell your loot, but not all of it

This is the Police 2 doesn’t do a very good job at explaining things (as was one of our biggest complaints in our review), so all of the loot that you collect will be very handy later in This is the Police 2 when you have to pay $20,000 each week to avoid being ratted out to the FBI. However, we initially made the mistake of selling ALL of our loot, which came back to bite us in the ass when we couldn’t offer items to civilians to give us intel on a mission (which can cost you the lives of officers) or help friends for money and perks (which is the reason why we are selling the items in the first place). We recommend keeping one of every item just in case, and sell your doubles (or more) on the day that you need to pay.


We hope that this guide on This is the Police 2 will help you along the way through this game. If you have any further questions, let us know in the Comment section below.

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