Xenobia's Tyrant Guide (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

Xenobia's Tyrant Guide (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
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Featured with permission by MCantus

If you are through most of the game, or you don’t care about reading up on location names or monster names, you’re golden.

One of the legendary blades you can pick up is Zenobia. She’s one hell of a Tyrant killer, and she’s addicted to it. Her affinity chart basically is an entire hit list of Tyrants she wants to try to fight. As you fight them, she becomes an incredibly strong tyrant crushing axe blade.

This is a guide to all the Tyrants on her hit list, in less manly terms, her affinity chart. Note, the targets span across basically the entire game, so you should be well into the story, if not near the end of it before attempting this.

  • This guide is intended to be taken at a higher level so you can actually take the fights easily, and have access to more teleport points.
  • You have to kill the tyrants in order to unlock the next node. They are arranged in order that you have to fight them (every set of 4.)
  • During her affinity mission, you need a LOT of field skills. For the final part alone you need 9 in Super Strength, as well as a myriad of elemental masteries, so have Wulfric, Zenobia, and Poppi at the ready at least, and a lot of generics with level 3 masteries ready. Also, some of the tyrants require some field skills as well to reach.
  • Yes, I know they’re called Unique Monsters in this game, but Zenobia calls them Tyrants.

========== Diabolic Zephyr

  • Cunny Saggie – Uraya – Lvl 24

Stomach -> Eight-Rock Skip. From the teleport point, head south along the left edge of the Stomach area. Should be next to a tree.

  • Confiscator Jimmy – Leftheria – Lvl 38

Rigitte Harbor -> Daram Isle. Head to the northern path, Jimmy should be a giant cat thing staring at the path towards the center.

  • Machine-Gun Julio – Cliffs of Morytha – Lvl 53

Upper Level -> Cliffs of Morytha Inlet. Unfortunately there aren’t a whole lot of teleport points here. Just follow the rather linear path until you reach a wide open area with big birds. He should be one of them.

  • Crimson Derrick – Cliffs of Morytha – Lvl 58

Lower Level -> Jubilee Gate. Backtrack a little, I would recommend clearing out the Clabor Rodonyas, as well as luring him back towards the tunnel so his loot doesn’t fall off the edge.

========== Adamantine Axe

  • Martial Kamron – Uraya – Lvl 23

Stomach -> Stone Gate Ruins. Walk down the sloped path to the bridge. Going to be honest, you probably slaughtered this guy on your first way through Uraya. His gravestone appears directly to the right of the teleport point on the rock jutting out over the water.

  • Skyfist Remington – Leftheria – Lvl 39

Fonsett Waters -> Ysheva Harbor. This is probably another guy you steamrolled through the story. He is the driver that wanders on the path between Fonsett Village and the Ysheva Harbor. Teleport and his gravestone should be basically right next to the teleport spot.

  • Evileye Manbor – Cliffs of Morytha – Lvl 54

Upper Level -> Runo Cave-in. If you don’t have this teleport spot, come from Cliffs of Morytha Inlet and enter Idora Cave. Needs 3 Wind Mastery and 2 Leaping to do the first jump, then 3 Earth Mastery and 3 Leaping for the second. Take the leap over to the opposing ledge, follow the path and head up the vines. Keep following the narrow path until a second set of vines. Take the high jump and keep climbing, getting off on the wooden boards. Follow the wooden boards until you get to a small cranny. The tyrant will basically jump you as you get off the wooden board, to your left.

  • Vagrant Baldr – Mor Ardain – Lvlv 62

Alba Cavanich -> Kedeigh Gate. Head northeast, down into the ravine. There will be a Brionac camp. If you haven’t been before you’ll be assaulted with “THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME? YA DONE?” Head into the camp and keep your eyes on the sky, there should be a little flying titan with a guy sticking out of it on top. Stand directly under him as he flies by to cause him to come down, or just pop him with an ether cannon shot and he’ll come down into melee range.

========== Ascension Blade

  • Demon-Shell Jacob – Mor Ardain – Lvl 30

Lower Level -> Fief of Forgetfulness. If you don’t have this teleport point, Alba Cavanich -> Kedeigh Gate, has to be low tide. Head north, but then at the start of the bridge, east. There should be a small staircase down. On the walkway, you can see a landing area on the left, jump over there, then hug the cliff wall and keep going down until you find a tunnel. Head down and you’ll find yourself in the Fief of Forgetfulness. This crab tyrant is on the east side of this small island.

  • Azure Reginald – Uraya – Lvl 41

Stomach -> Crown of Sanctuary. If you don’t have this teleport point, it’s the southeastern most point of the Stomach area. From the teleport, jump off and aim for the water, not the ground (if you’re going at the ground you need to remember to just block the earth.) He spawns in normal weather (not petals) in the water. It is recommended you lure him back onto ground a bit before starting the fight for real, since fighting in water is not fun.

  • Soul-Eather Stanley – Land of Morytha – Lvl 56

Streets -> Great Wall Tunnel #8. Head back down the collapsed roads from the teleport point until you’re at ground level. Head right and you’ll see a small opening underneath the ramp you came down from. Squeeze through and you’ll find Stanley and his shambling undead crew hanging out near the fence. Pick a few of the little guys off to make your fight easier.

  • Parasite Aplacus – Land of Morytha – Lvl 58

Decaying Titan -> Central Pathway. Just drop down, he’s in the middle of that room. There are a lot of smaller mooks though, so be careful. He is VERY bulky, and will constantly afflict affinity down. Probably the one Tyrant I have had the most issues with so far.

========== Carnage

  • Acute Melvyn – Gormott – Lvl 25

Upper Level – Right -> Boulderbore Gate. This Tirkin Tyrant is just standing there on the cliff, staring off majestically into the plains, winds flowing through his fine feathers, which would look much better on Zenobia’s mantel.

  • Jadeite Pollu – Leftheria – Lvl 38

Rigitte Waters -> Baldotas Island. (Aurora Weather, Blue Wave weather icon). Spawns in the big shallow pool in the middle to the west of the teleport point. To reset the weather, fast travel between titans. Takes a bit to get it though.

  • Malicious Dimitri – Land of Morytha – Lvl 57

Streets -> Great Wall Tunnel #8. At the teleport point, there should be a door on your left. Head in, and you’ll see Dimitri shambling up and down the steps. Seems like every day is leg day for this tyrant.

  • Praetorian Argus – World Tree – Lvl 65

Mid Level -> 7th Perimeter Skyport. Head towards the salvage point on the map. When you climb up the stairs, there should be a rather steep looking ramp going up that you can still walk on. Head west on this ramp and drop down, there should be a chest on the mid-leveled platform. Argus will soar down from above and land, ready for combat. Be careful, he has knockback attacks, and you don’t want to fall off.

========== The Indomitable

  • Supercharged Alfonso – Gormott – Lvl 20

Lower Level -> Old Ghostwood Road. (Low Tide Only) – You probably saw this deer when you first came through lower Gormott. Head towards upper Gormott, you should pass a shallow lake with this shocking deer tyrant just kinda chilling.

  • Decapitator Marvin – Mor Ardain – Lvl 33

Upper Level -> Ruined Laborer’s Bridge. If you don’t have that one, go to Old Industrial District. You’ll need to navigate through the entire abandoned factory, heading north, and a few ladders up. You’ll arrive at an Igna lizard camp with a small house in the back. Marvin is sitting in the corner in there.

  • Glamorous Alfred – Spirit Crucible Elpys

Lower Level -> Stele of Judgement. You probably had to kill this guy to keep going in this area. Head backwards from the teleport point until you reach the spider caves. He should climb down from the wall on your right from the entrance. If you already offed him, his gravestone will be visible from the tunnel near the wall on the left.

  • Praetorian Medea – World Tree – Lvl 66

Mid Level -> 7th Perimeter Skyport. Head towards the end of the long pier. 3/4 of the way this hulking tyrant is hard to miss.

========== Greatest Warrior

  • Implacable Dylan – Uraya – Lvl 23

Head -> Gullet Pass. Head North, down the ladder, and through the tunnel. Dylan the mutant beaver tyrant hangs out in those acid pools.

  • Myrmidon Eugene – Mor Ardain – Lvl 33

Lower Level -> Fourth Ridge Entrance. Head south on the walkway to the end. This driver is hanging out precariously out there. Be careful with this tyrant, he has a tendency to use knockback and send you flying off the edge. There are unfortunately also level 85 birds that tend to bug you while doing this. If you want to quickly off him, just use blowback and give him the good ole 1-2-Sparta treatment.

  • Holy Lancer Efrain – Spiric Crucible Elpys – Lvl 51

Lower Level -> Portal of the Hero. Head backwards until you see the stairs and pillars where the walkway goes up a bit. On the upper part of the walkway, just stay and wait. A giant white fish should just pop out and attack. You probably missed him on your first way through since he takes a bit to show up.

  • Atrocious Hermes – Temperantia – Lvl 58

Central Plain -> Leaning Tower of Dorrick or Haggle’s Swordtip. Head to the northwest corner of the plains. There should be an elevated area with a few lizard riders. Go straight west past them, you’ll see a poison river, but on the other side a ramp up. Take that ramp up and follow it south a bit. The path should then take you to another ramp going right towards the cliff sides and up. Hermes and his army are waiting for you there. There’s also a chest of loot with him!

========== Wind Mastery

  • Sniping Brent – Gormott – Lvl 18

Upper Level – Left -> Greatspine Boundary. Only 2 teleport points here, so just head towards Umon’s shipyard. When you reach Melnath’s Shoulder, a giant bird should be sitting on the tree, that’s your mark, fry that turkey.

  • Judicial Kollin – Mor Ardain – Lvl 33

Upper Level -> Old Industrial District. Head down into the complex and head south, just follow the path, and eventually you’ll do kind of a loop shape. He’s hanging out in his own little room at the end of the path.

  • Runaway Train – Temperantia – Lvl 55

Central Plain -> Ardainian Garrison. Head straight west and you’ll see this slope upwards that ends in a cliff. This hulk of a tyrant is hanging near the end with his Blade. This guy has a bloody army with him. Good thing is that he doesn’t aggro on you when you wipe the floor with his mooks.

  • Ravenwing Skull – Temperantia – Lvl 62

Central Plain -> Ardainian Garrison. Head northeast until you see the cliff walls, and the poison waterfall coming out of them with the pool at the base. In the middle there is an island of flowers, upon stepping on this island he will spawn. It is recommended you lure him back out of the poison for easier combat.

========== ** Superstrength**

  • Sad Bernard – Gormott – Lvl 12.

Upper Level – Right -> Waytree. Head southwest to the Garanti Plain, should be two levels of rock and grass. Bernard should be sitting on top of the higher level looking gloomy.

  • Man-Eating Glenn – Mor Ardain – Lvl 32

Upper Level -> Mine Elevator. From the elevator, head southwest. This tyrant should be between the two pipe things, a giant puppy of a tyrant.

  • Peerless Beaufort – Leftheria – Lvl 49

Rigitte Waters -> Isle of Sleeping Remains. Near the road onwards, there’s a giant shell that leads down into a Miasma wall. This Hermit Crab Tyrant should crawl out of there. If you don’t have this teleport point, head out from Baldotas Isle in Rigitte Waters and instead of going the west path, take the east path.

  • Not a tyrant fight, need to complete the “We Need To Talk” mission, and complete “A Real Challenge”.

========== Leaping

  • Moonlighting Elwyn – Gormott – Lvl 8

Torigoth -> Torigoth Arch. Just head out of the city. It actually is in the Upper Level – Right. There is a rock formation near the Plains of Evening Calm, a little bunny is right there, end it before it ends you.

  • Tattooed Hugo – Mor Ardain – Lvl 31? (Don’t remember, too much of a pain to go find him again)

Alba Cavanich -> Kedeigh Gate. Head east to the that locked complex you did when investigating a murder. Go up the first flight, then head straight past the ladder. There should be a second ladder that goes up and next to the outgoing cargo crates. Hop on and you’ll be taken straight to this bird brained tyrant kinda roosting on a tall pillar. Would highly recommend knockback or topple as he’ll go careening to the ground below and take around 75% of his hp off.

  • Impassable Edgar – Tantal – Lvl 60

Lower Level -> Lumos Pedastal. Head to the slightly elevated area of the map at the 5 o’clock corner. You’ll find this Dancing yeti of a tyrant and his friends. You can actually just kill him without aggroing his party if you just attack from his front, but your call.


Many thanks to some guides and some guys on Gamefaqs who found a few of them and shared locations. Also thanks to u/cheesymmm and u/G_the_bum for helping me locate the last two tyrants.