WarioWare: Move It! - Switch Review

"A lot of fun to be enjoyed with friends and family"

WarioWare: Move It! - Switch Review
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While the Wii U is the Wii’s successor in name, in spirit, the Nintendo Switch is much more suited to the title, and the most recent iteration of WarioWare is a great example of this. WarioWare: Move It! and WarioWare: Smooth Moves are so similar in how they execute the chaotic and silly fun inherent to WarioWare titles, with controls being physical in nature and requiring you to use them in weird and unique ways. So in WarioWare: Move It!, let's join Wario and friends on an island holiday and find out what these special stones and the island natives have in store for our greedy, flatulent hero.

The Good

Warioware: Move it! is just a bundle of fun and such a chaotic party game that is bound to get everyone laughing. From the crazy visuals on screen to the poses you hold the controllers in and the moments to complete the micro games, there's just something about it all that oozes with fun. Even if you're just hot potatoing across people, it's such a blast among friends that I've added it to my rotation of party games when I crack them out.

Speaking of playing with company, Warioware: Move it! even has micro games that are designed specifically for multiplayer, with the first example being hitting a baseball another player throws at you. The main story mode can be played alone or with a secondary player, and then there are dedicated 2-4 player modes that use the same micro games but throw a curveball into the mix, like trying to guess who was actually playing the game.

Overall, this is exactly what is advertised and expected from Warioware titles, a whole lot of fun and chaos to be had with friends. There's something to be said about a game just being up front about everything that's there and it's a nice change of pace, although sometimes the shock factor of a surprise moment does have its moments.


  • Chaotic fun
  • Multiplayer options
  • Delivers what's promised

The Bad

The only gripe that I can genuinely consider a problem is that some of the micro games are non-intuitive at first glance. In a few of them, I was just so confused as to how I was meant to complete the task; it took going to practice mode to work out what to do. Additionally, there could be more micro games, even if they're repeats of previous titles. Sometimes it felt like I kept playing the same ones over and over and when they come out on the same difficulty, there's not much difference in how they play.


  • Sometimes non-intuitive
  • There could be more micro games

Final Score: 8/10

Ultimately, if you like WarioWare games, you'll enjoy WarioWare: Move It! because it is just more of what you’re expecting with all the same loveable cast. While there are some micro games that are difficult to work out what you have to do at first glance, there is still a lot of fun to be enjoyed with friends and family. This is a strong recommendation for anyone who has people to play this with on a night of fun together.

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