Ultra Hat Dimension - Switch Review (Quick)

Ultra Hat Dimension - Switch Review (Quick)
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I really wanted to like this game. The first few levels of Ultra Hat Dimension gave me hope that I would have fun with it. The object of the game is to disguise the witchy protagonist with various hats in order to sneak past robots who also wear hats. The hat based puzzles were cute and had some charm, but after this initial novelty wore off it felt like a chore to keep playing. The novel idea is weighed down by the general emptiness of the experience. There are some upsides to simple games but they usually have some addictive quality that makes the game worthwhile. That X factor is something Ultra Hat Dimension is severely lacking. The puzzles do get complicated enough to be challenging but even that doesn’t make the game fun.


  • Simple controls
  • Decent challenge 
  • Cute music

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  • Repetitive 
  • Boring premise 
  • No replay value 
  • Dated graphics

Final Score: 40%

Ultra Hat Dimension is a puzzle game that I couldn’t enjoy, despite my best efforts. The concept is senseless and gets boring fast. The graphics are going for a retro vibe but just aren’t appealing. The controls and mechanics work as intended and the game runs well but the actual function just isn’t going to hold the attention of the average gamer for very long. I’d only consider buying this if you love repetitive puzzle games. The best you can hope for in a game like this is to mildly amuse yourself for an hour or two. Overall Ultra Hat Dimension is a pretty bad game that couldn’t be easily fixed, since nearly every aspect of it is less than you’d want in a game. If it came out in 1985, it would be an NES game that nobody would be nostalgic for.

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