The Messenger - Phobekin / Little Creature Guide (with images)

The Messenger - Phobekin / Little Creature Guide (with images)
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In The Messenger, each Phobekin is in need of your help. When you find and save all four, you will be able to progress through to the final levels, but where are they? Well, we’ve got your back with a full guide on where to find each one…

Phobekin #1

The first little creature you will encounter before the game switches to a Metroidvania, in the second level just as you enter the Catacombs. In here, you’ll meet Necro.

The Messenger Little Creature

so we can check that one off of the list.

Phobekin #2

The Prophet’s hint for the second little creature is as follows:


If you pay gold for a hint, the shopkeep will say that you need to go to Catacombs, on the far right (second square from the right).

The Messenger

When you enter this frame, interact with the big door…

The Messenger Little Creature Phobekin

The door will open to reveal Ruxxtin’s final resting place along with a note:

Dear Messenger,

“If you’re reading this, it means what my research indicated is true and you travelled 500 years into the future. I meant it when I said I was done being evil, I even planned for my relics to come to your aid. First is my Amulet, yours to keep and remember me by. I also left my staff at the top of Glacial Peak. It will answer to you as long as you carry my Amulet. Also, I did some digging around the Catacombs and I believe I found a secret entrance to a new area you should explore, though it was very dark. Look for the secret passage in the room with two bats and a moving platform. Best of luck on your quest. Ruxxtin.”

After reading this note, you’ll receive Ruxxtin’s Amulet which will activate the Necromancer’s Staff. It was stated that it was in Glacial Peak, so that’s where we’ll go…

Head left one square to the shop, then left again all the way to Tower of Time HQ. Go through the portal on the right and arrive in Glacial Peak. Now head up to this frame…

The Messenger

Here you’ll find the staff and be teleported to Cloud Ruins. You can use this staff to back and forth between Glacial Peak and Cloud Ruins.

Now head all the way to your right to this frame…

The Messenger Little Creature Phobekin

On the bottom-most platform, you’ll encounter Acro – Phobekin #2!

The Messenger Little Creature Phobekin


Phobekin #3

The Prophet’s hint:


If you pay the shopkeep for a hint, he’ll reveal that you’ll need to go right here in Bamboo Creek:

The Messenger

First off, you’ll want to come here…

The Messenger

Then go down a frame and go through the portal to make the level 8 bit. Once you’ve done that, go up and right and do a leap of faith to the right, glide and go through the little opening there.

The Messenger Waterfall

Now make your way through this challenging but linear section to the next area. But hold on, he’s not there… but he’s a fear-stricken one who is cowering down below. Make your way all the way down and speak to Claustro.

The Messenger Claustro

And there we have Claustro!

Phobekin #4


This hint requires you to go to Searing Crags. Take the fifth portal there and it’s basically two frames over. If you haven’t unlocked the portal in the Searing Crags yet, then click here to read our other guide where we go over this.

When you get to that frame, you’ll be greeted with this:

You clearly need to get over to the “little creature paralyzed by fear”, but there’s lava in the way… For this, you’ll need the Lightfoot Tabi item which allows you to run on water (or in this case, lava). If you haven’t got that item yet, then you will need to do this section first.

Once you have the Lightfoot Tabi, you can run across the lava and talk to the little guy.

And there we have Pyro!


We hope this short guide on the Phobekins has helped.

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