The Messenger - Astral Seed / Flowerbed / Key of Strength Walkthrough (with images)

The Messenger - Astral Seed / Flowerbed / Key of Strength Walkthrough (with images)
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Do you have the Astral Seed and not sure where to go next, or perhaps you may have gotten this hint from the Prophet and are absolutely stumped:


Well, let’s get you back on track!

If you pay gold for a hint, the shopkeep will say that you need to go to Ninja Village, the westmost area. Upon arriving, you’ll be in the future (16-bit). In the fourth square from the right there will be a portal sending you back to the past.

The Messenger Astral Seed

Go back to the right and speak to elder. He will give you the Astral Seed and which in your inventory says:

“Now to find a flowerbed and wait a few centuries…”

But where is this flowerbed, you might ask…

The flowerbed is in Searing Crags, back where the ogres were. The easiest way to get there is to go back to the prophet and head through the second teleport portal from the right to Howling Grotto. From here, head right to Quillshroom Marsh and then to this frame:

The Messenger Quillshroom Marsh

Make sure that you’re in 8 bit (which you can do in the frame above), so then you can head through the next portal in the bottom-left corner of screen. Proceed down and right and through to a new way to get to Searing Crags.

The Messenger Searing Crags

Head all the way upwards, along the way unlocking a new teleportation portal (woo! These really come in handy!). Also, you can head right into this frame:

The Messenger

However, you are unable to reach the little guy without dying. Don’t worry about that for now (but it’s good to know that he’s there) and continue to the point on the map, which will be here:

The Messenger Flowerbed

The path has disappeared because the screenshot was taken before we made our way there…

And here we have the flowerbed! interact with and go through the dialogue with the ogres. Proceed downwards to this portal to go back to 16 bit. Go back to the flowerbed and the ogre skeletons (this actually made me a little sad, I liked them!) and interact with the flowerbed to collect the Power Thistle.

The Messenger Flowerbed

The Messenger Portal

Now we go all the way back down again to change it back to 8 bit. Head back up to the ogres once more and interact with the ogres to watch them chug some stew.

The Messenger Ogres

They’ll then want to test their strength and send you flying to here:

The Messenger Searing Crags

Head down a screen and make your way through all the challenges until you proceed through a circle portal to be in 16 bit. Make your way to the left and follow down until you’re at the bottom in 8 bit. in the bottom-left corner, there will be a breakable block. Continue through there, follow the path and ultimately arrive at the Key of Strength!The Messenger Key of Strength


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