Switch Game Releases (January 8, 2018)

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In this week’s Nintendo Switch releases, we have nine games coming to the platform. There are no big AAA titles this week and we are still waiting on a Nintendo Direct. However, there are still a few gems here and we want to highlight each and every one of them.

As Christmas is well behind us and we’ve counted in to the new year, gamers have grown tired of playing games with their family and want to play on their own. Publishers seem to have realised this as this week’s releases are majoritively single-player titles.

Note: All prices are in AUD and all release dates are for the Australian eShop. Also, releases can still be subjected to change after the release of this update.


Moorhuhn Knights & Castles

Developed By Young Fun Studio

Published By Young Fun Studio

Release Date 08/01/18

Genre Strategy / Action / Shooter / Arcade

Price $45.00

Required Space 154 MB

Players 1

Also Released On

Build your castle, set up your defences and get ready to fire on your opponent’s castle. This game involves launching projectiles to destroy your enemy’s castle before they can destroy your castle. Moorhuhn Knights & Castles has a catchy soundtrack with colorful visuals. With local-multiplayer coming soon in a free patch this spring (autumn in the southern hemisphere) you’ll soon be able to battle it out with your friends.


Never Stop Sneakin’

Developed By Humble Hearts LLC

Published By Humble Hearts

Release Date 09/01/18

Genre Action / Arcade / Strategy / Puzzle

Price $19.50

Required Space 489 MB

Players 1

Also Released On

This top-down action game’s cutscene graphics are very reminiscent of the 32/64-Bit era. It has a fitting soundtrack and the dialogue is funny and self-aware. The objective is to stop Amadeu Guildenstern who has traveled through time and kidnapped all of the U.S. Presidents. Use your tactical sneakin’ skills to unlock new weapons and fight incredible bosses.


Black The Fall

Developed By Sand Sailor Studio

Published By Sand Sailor Studio

Release Date 09/01/18

Genre Puzzle / Platformer / Action / Adventure

Price $22.95

Required Space 888 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / Linux / PS4 / Xbox One

Black The Fall is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer that requires you to unravel puzzles buried within the oppressive atmosphere of a dystopian dictatorship. You play as an old machinist who befriends a lonely lost robot and attempt to escape from the oppressive grasp of the Communist regime.


The Escapists 2

Developed By Team 17

Published By Team 17

Release Date 11/01/18

Genre RPG / Simulation / Strategy

Price $30.00

Required Space 1.6 GB

Players 1 – 4

Players (Online) 2 – 4

Also Released On PC / Mac / Linux / PS4 / Xbox One

The Escapists 2 was an indie title that was prominently featured in a previous Nintendo Nindies Showcase. The game is a sequel to the critically acclaimed original that never received a release on a Nintendo console. The aim of the game is to bust out of prison in many different modes: Single-player, co-op, multiplayer and versus – perfect on the Nintendo Switch. With over 250 items, buy, steal and craft weapons to help you escape.


Energy Invasion

Developed By Sometimes You

Published By Evgeniy Kolpakov

Release Date 11/01/18

Genre Arcade / Music / Other / Puzzle

Price $4.50

Required Space 374 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / PS4

Similar to the Breakout titles, Energy Invasion offers unique new gameplay challenges on a classic formula. Unlike the original Breakout series, your ball does not break blocks on its own, but can launch missiles in a chosen direction. Choose from various different modes and battle through levels filled with dangerous enemies.


Super Meat Boy

Developed By Team Meat

Published By BitWorks

Release Date 12/01/18

Genre Platformer / Adventure / Action

Price $19.50

Required Space 204 MB

Players 1 – 2

Also Released On PC / Linux / iOS / Android / PS4 / PS Vita / Xbox 360 / Wii U

The cult classic finally makes its way to the Nintendo Switch! Fans of the Boy made of meat have been clambering for this title to make its way to the Switch and our prayers are finally being answered. Make your way through incredibly difficult platforming levels to save Meat Boy’s girlfriend from an evil fetus in a jar wearing a tux.


Of Mice and Sand -Revised-

Published By Arc System Works

Release Date 12/01/18

Genre Simulation / Strategy / Adventure

Price $13.00

Required Space 353 MB

Players 1

Also Released On Nintendo 3DS

In this game, your task is to take charge of a desert craft and its rodent crew on an alien planet. Navigate your way through dunes and search for treasure and craft items to boost your success rate. Scrap is more valuable than diamonds on this planet, so make sure that you collect enough to continue on with your adventure.



Developed By The Game Bakers

Published By The Game Bakers

Release Date 12/01/18

Genre Action / Fighting / Shooter / Adventure

Price $29.99

Required Space 3.9 GB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / PS4 / Xbox One

Battle it out in adrenaline-inducing one-on-one duels against deadly adversaries. Furi requires absolute focus and skill in order to defeat each of the guardians. What will you fight for?


Azkend 2: The World Beneath

Developed By 10Tons Ltd

Published By 10Tons

Release Date 13/01/18

Genre Puzzle / Adventure

Price $11.99

Required Space 113 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / Mac / iOS / WebOS / Symbian / Bada

With casual match-3 gameplay, embark on an exciting adventure as you solve puzzles and explore extraordinary worlds. With beautiful graphics and breathtaking music, step aboard a fantastic adventure in Azkend 2: The World Beneath.


Switchaboo’s Pick of the Week

The last few weeks have been a bit slow for the Switch after the Christmas period, but every week we can always expect one or two stellar titles. Out of those few gems, we’ve decided that Switchaboo’s Pick of the Week is…

Drum roll please…

The Escapists 2!

The Escapists 2

Team 17 have helped to bring some amazing titles to the Nintendo Switch, such as Yooka-Laylee (a previous Switchaboo Pick of the Week) and Worms W.M.D. Their titles appeal to the Switch’s fanbase with truly fantastic local multiplayer.

Whilst we are excited to make The Escapists 2 our Pick of the Week, we have to give an honorable mention to Super Meat Boy, a fantastic title that its release on the Switch has been a long time coming.


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