Switch Game Releases (December 25, 2017)

Switch Game Releases (December 25, 2017)
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Hey fellow Switchaboos, We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and received lots of Nintendo Switch goodies.

We are so excited to keep you updated all throughout 2018; BUT, we have one more week of releases to go, so let’s get stuck into them…

Note: All prices are in AUD and all release dates are for the Australian eShop. Also, releases can still be subjected to change after the release of this update.


DragonFangZ – The Rose & Dungeon of Time


Developed By Toydea Inc.

Published By Toydea

Release Date 26/12/17

Genre RPG

Price $29.99

Required Space 284 MB

Players 1

DragonFangZ – The Rose & Dungeon of Time was intended to release last week but was delayed. Switchaboo had this game on last week’s Switch Game Release article. is an RPG with rougelike dungeon crawling elements. The quest changes each and every time, forcing you to adapt to the enemies that lurk around every corner.


Energy Cycle

Developed By Sometimes You

Published By Evgeniy Kolpakov

Release Date 26/12/17

Genre Puzzle / Board Game / Party / Music

Price $4.50

Required Space 478 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / PS4 / Xbox One

This new puzzle game requires you to make each cell a single colour. To do this, you’ll need to click on a single cell which makes all adjacent horizontal and vertical cells change colours too. It’s not as easy as it sounds as it will test your puzzle skills.


Sparkle Unleashed

Developed By 10tons Ltd.

Published By 10tons

Release Date 26/12/17

Genre Puzzle / Action

Price $11.99

Required Space 117 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / Mac / iOS / Android / PS4 / PS3 / PS Vita / Xbox One

Sparkle Unleashed requires you to match three coloured marbles in this marble shooter action puzzle. Unlock amazing powerup to overcome challenging puzzles as you travel through the fallen lands, light magical braziers and banish the darkness.


SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition

Developed By Image & Form International AB

Published By Image & Form International AB

Release Date 28/12/17

Genre Arcade / Strategy / Shooter / RPG

Price $29.99

Required Space 192 MB

Players 1

Also Released On PC / Mac / Linux / iOS / Nintendo 3DS / Wii U / PS4 / PS Vita

SteamWorld Heist is a 2D turn-based strategy shooter following a band of robot pirates shooting their way through enemy spaceships. The Switch’s Ultimate Edition comes with “The Outsider” campaign including items and missions only available as DLC.


Arcade Archives Double Dragon

Developed By Technos Japan

Published By HAMSTER

Release Date 29/12/17

Genre Action / Arcade

Price $10.50

Players 1 – 2

Also Released On Arcade

Double Dragon is an action game that was originally released in 1987. You play as twin brothers who set out to rescue Marian that has been kidnapped by a violent organisation. This edition faithfully brings back the arcade version, along with other features such as: ability to change game difficulty and being able to reproduce the atmosphere of arcade display settings of the late 80s.


ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters ‘96

King of Fighters 96

Image Source

Developed By SNK

Published By HAMSTER

Release Date 29/12/17

Genre Fighting / Arcade

Price $10.50

Required Space 109 MB

Players 1 – 2

Also Released On NeoGeo / NeoGeo CD / PS4 / Xbox One / Game Boy / Sega Saturn

This NeoGeo classic fighter allows you to play as up to 27 different characters as they fight it out to become The King of Fighters. A new level of depth has been added thanks to the inclusion of new game mechanics: Emergency Evasion, short and mid-hops.


Mecho Tales

Developed By Oyaji Games / Arcade Distillery

Published By Arcade Distillery

Release Date 29/12/17

Genre Platformer / Action / Arcade / Adventure

Price $12.49

Required Space 143 MB

Players 1 – 4

Also Released On PC / Mac / iOS / PS4 / PS Vita

This 2D platformer takes place in the world of Mecho Wars. It’ll have you running, shooting and platforming through levels filled with spikes, bottomless pits and an army of deadly robots. You can play through these levels solo or co-op in up to 4-player local multiplayer.


Tactical Mind

Tactical Mind

Image Source

Developed By Drageus Games / QubicGames S.A.

Published By QubicGames

Release Date 30/12/17

Genre Board Game / Puzzle / Strategy / Education

Price $4.50

Required Space 211 MB

Players 1 – 2

This strategy board game will test your wits and stretch your brain. You’ll need to spawn your pawns wisely, level them up and destroy the opponent’s crystal. For its price, this game is a nice little time killer in between Super Mario Odyssey play sessions.


Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure DELUXE

Developed By Game Swing

Published By Reign Bros.

Release Date 30/12/17

Genre Party / Sports / Action / Arcade

Price $30.00

Required Space 772 MB

Players 1 – 6

Also Released On PC / NVIDIA SHIELD / PS4 / Xbox One

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure is made by an award winning development team. The game is set in a quirky 70’s universe and involves players taking part in face-paced dodgeball. This deluxe edition is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch which features: more players, improved accessibility and Wheel of Rumpus (a new wacky game mode inspired by 70’s game shows.


Switchaboo’s Pick of the Week

There were considerably less games released this week, but that didn’t make our decision any easier. However, we have to make a choice, and this week’s Pick of the Week is…

Drum roll, please…

SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition!

SteamWorld Heist

Image Source

Image & Form have had a near perfect run with their SteamWorld games and SteamWorld Heist is no exception. This game will make you laugh, it’s gameplay is truly fantastic and the universe for you to explore oozes with depth and personality.

This Ultimate Edition comes with “The Outsider” campaign as well as a mysterious ally, weapons, upgrades, hats, and missions previously only available as DLC.

This game will take approximately 15 hours to complete, which is then followed up by a New Game+ mode. We played this game on Wii U and it is well worth all of the praise that it receives. We cannot recommend Image & Form’s games enough, and SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition is a must-have for any Switch owner.


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See you all next year!