Switch Game Releases (December 11th 2017)

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Hey fellow Switchaboos!

Here are this week’s releases for the Nintendo Switch from 11/12/17 – 17/12/17. It’s a big week for the Switch with a whopping 11 games coming out. So, let’s get stuck into them!

Note: All prices are in AUD and all release dates are for the Australian eShop.


Plantera Deluxe

Developed By Ratalaika Games

Release Date 13/12/17

Genre Simulation / Strategy / Other

Price $7.50

Players 1

Also Released On Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PS Vita

Plantera is a relaxing game that allows you to grow your own garden, grow plants and raise animals. By doing so, you earn coins that you can then use to expand your garden. The game is all sprite-based that is popping with colour and good vibes.


Stern Pinball Arcade

Developed By FarSight Studios

Release Date 13/12/17

Genre Arcade / Simulation

Price Upcoming Free Download

Players 1

Also Released On Steam / iOS / Google Play / Gear VR / PS4 / Xbox One

Stern Pinball Arcade is developed by a company that is very proud of their history in making pinball machines. This game allows you to play on many modern classic pinball tables with some notable licenses.


The End Is Nigh

Developed By Nicalis

Release Date 13/12/17

Genre Action / Adventure / Platformer

Price $22.50

Players 1

Also Released On PS4

The End Is Nigh lets you to play as Ash, one of the last remaining “things” that survived the end of the world. The game features 600+ levels within 12+ explorable chapters. This game isn’t for the faint of heart as it will challenge your platforming skills in new and stress-inducing ways. You have been warned!



Developed By Playtonic Games

Release Date 14/12/17

Genre Platformer / Adventure / Action

Price $60.00

Players 1-4

Also Released On PC / Mac / Linux / PS4 / Xbox One

Yooka-Laylee is a 3D Platformer made by a group of former Rare employees that worked on the N64 classics Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie. Delve into a world full of nostalgia and self-referential humour as you relive the glory days of 3D platformers.


Mutant Mudds Collection

Developed By Atooi

Release Date 14/12/17

Genre Platformer / Action / Arcade / Adventure

Price $19.50 (Pre-order for 20% off)

Players 1-2

This collection consists of three stellar indie titles in the Mutant Mudds series:


A love letter to classic 8-bit and 16-bit platformers. This iteration is considered to be a “12-bit” action platformer with 80 levels that consist of foreground and background maneuverability.


A much more challenging platformer than its predecessor, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge consists of over 40 levels and will test your platforming skills. Nintendo fans grew up with platformers, but will that experience be enough to overcome this challenge?


The final iteration takes a different approach as it is a Tetris/Puyo-Puyo-style puzzle game. Play it solo or with a friend for local two player co-op or head-to-head versus fun.



Developed By Digerati

Release Date 14/12/17

Genre Action / Arcade / Adventure / Platformer

Price $22.50

Players 1-2

Also Released On PC / PS4 / Xbox One

Play as Wryn in a stylish action-platformer to become the ultimate video game hero. With fluid controls and challenging gameplay, Bleed will stretch your platforming skills to its limits. This game contains 7 levels packed with multiple set-pieces and bosses that can all be experienced in two-player local co-op.



Developed By unepic fran

Release Date 15/12/17

Genre Platformer / RPG

Price $15.00 (Pre-order for 20% off)

Players 1

Also Released On PC / Linux / Wii U / PS4 / PS Vita / Xbox One

In this platforming RPG you play as Daniel, an average guy that loves his video games and sci-fi movies. Daniel gets pulled into a castle full of enemies around every corner and a dark spirit that can communicate with him. Help Daniel fight his way through the castle and survive what lurks within.


ACA NeoGeo The Last Blade

Developed By Hamster

Release Date 15/12/17

Genre Fighting / Arcade

Price $10.50

Players 1-2

Also Released On Neo Geo / Wii / PS4 / Xbox One

These ACA NeoGeo games are the closest thing we have to Virtual Console and it almost seems as though there is a new one every week. The Last Blade was released in 1997 and is set in Japan’s Edo period. Fight as samurais in this arcade fighter to prove that you are the strongest Samurai there is.


Poly Bridge

Developed By Dry Cactus

Release Date 15/12/17

Genre Simulation / Puzzle / Education

Price $22.50

Players 1-2

Also Released On PC / Mac / iOS

Poly Bridge was announced to be released on the Nintendo Switch in their August Nindies Showcase. This game has you constructing bridges to withstand the weight of oncoming traffic. The game features 105 physics-based campaign levels that will challenge your engineering creativity.


One More Dungeon

Developed By Ratalaika Games

Release Date 16/12/17

Genre First-Person Shooter/ Shooter/ Action / RPG

Price $12.00

Players 1-2

Also Released On PC / Mac / Linux

One More Dungeon lets you play as a nameless adventurer who delves deeper and deeper into a dungeon with procedurally generated levels. The game is described as a first person shooter rougelike with pixel-art graphics and is somewhat reminiscent to classic games such as the original Doom, Wolfenstein and The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Hiragana Pixel Party


Developed By Springloaded

Release Date 16/12/17

Genre Music / Education / Action / Platformer

Price $11.99

Players 1

Also Released On PC / iOS / Windows Phone / Android

This charming little game helps you to learn the basics of Japanese by adding fun rhythm-action platforming. Hiragana Pixel Party consists of 16 different worlds and themes with a whopping 208 characters and 192 missions for each syllabary. All we can say is Ganbatte!


Switchaboo’s Pick of the Week

Out of all these fantastic 11 titles coming to the Switch, our Pick of the Week has to go to…

Drum roll, please…


Yooka Laylee

Image Source


As passionate Nintendo fans, we at Switchaboo have a soft spot for the 64-bit days. Whether it was playing four-player matches in Goldeneye 64 in front of a tiny CRT TV which made it nearly impossible to see what was happening in your corner, or collecting cash in Conker’s Bad Fur Day on a lazy Sunday afternoon, Rare truly made some memorable experiences on the Nintendo 64.

It feels truly amazing to be able to say that the old Rare is back in the form of Playtonic Games and are finally making games for Nintendo consoles again. We waited a long time for Yooka-Laylee to come to the Switch after it released on other consoles in April this year, but it was worth the wait. This iteration is apparently the best way to experience this game on a console and comes with all of the previous updates that makes the game run as smooth as ever. It may not be Banjo-Kazooie, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction!